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the foodie home page on your site which one is it please????

  1. thehomelesschefs

    Hello on your home page you have a blog site that is named for foodie's with 2 black and white pictures . it changes to poet then cats.
    I really like this template. Can you tell me please which one this is.
    Thank you
    Blog url:

  2. What you are seeing on the home page is not an advertisement for a specific blog; it is an advertisement for creative people (foodies if they like to blog about food).

    To my knowledge this theme you are seeing on the home page is not directly available, you may find something similar in the Themes for however I have not personally looked to find it.

    You may try looking here:

  3. thehomelesschefs

    Hi I already looked through but could not find a similar one and was hoping you could advise me which would be the closest one to achieve that look.

  4. Some things you have to do yourself, it's your blog after all, we can't make your mind up for you. Just use the link @allstruck gave you and use the 'live demo' of the themes until you find one you like.

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