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The "Gay" Agenda

  1. goaskthelaughingman

    I'm starting to understand where the thought of a "Gay" agenda comes from. Atleast i think i do. It come from every Politician that gets arrested, fired, or put in court for being caught in a bathroom or a hotel room haveing eledgidy had sex with another man. Question- How easy is it to accuse and gather the correct amount of witnesses to get someoen introuble for something like this? when every (no offense but if you deny the following your lieing to yourself) christian group is so against the "gay life style". How easy is it to "act gay"?
    im rambleing by now so forgive me.... please give some of your opinions and ill run with it.... and this really isnt an arguement i kinda expect to have a civilized discussion.


  2. Don't you kinda expect to have this civilized discussion on a BLOG?

    Jodie Foster will crush you like a bug, peon!

  3. not really sure what you are asking, but as a straight christian man I've always been uncomfortable with the idea of having civil rights afforded me that are recognized by my govt. (marriage, for example), that are not afforded some of my fellow citizens. Makes no sense to me. I don't think anyone can force a specific religion to recognize such acts as legitimate, but certainly the federal govt. can be above that.

    I've no problem with gay people or folks "acting gay" whatsoever. One of my dearest family members spent a tortured existence hiding his homosexuality from the rest of the family for fear of being misunderstood and judged. It's not a curse, it's not a disease, and it's not some abomination of humanity.

    Regarding the "act gay" clause.....I'm not really sure what you mean. Anyone can do a stereotypical impression, but I don't think that's what you're really getting at here. I think what you mean is how easy is it to be openly gay, in which case I haven't a clue as I've never had to do that. My hunch would be that your local community plays a large role in how easy/hard that is. Live in a rather progressive spot near Hollywood? Possibly a good deal easier to co-exist than if you lived in say Mobile, AL.

    Hopefully that's a satisfactory response. It's early here and I'm rambling with disjointed thoughts at the moment.

  4. I have no problems with gay people because my sister is gay and if I tell her that I love her and then say that I hate gay people then I would be considered a hypocrite so i support gay rights...well as for me, im not Metrosexual.

  5. I think maybe I've missed something in the news (easy enough since I hate watching it). What is "gay agenda" supposed to mean? As to someone 'acting gay', I've in the past couple of years become good friends with a gay woman and I've learned that there are, among the gay community, different 'types' of gay men and women, and that there are different stereotypes even among the gay community for them. By 'types' I don't mean more or less gay, just different personality types really. However, for most straight people, the stereotypical gay man is almost always seen as limp-wristed and effeminate.

    As to people having sex in a motel, since when was that illegal? Were they soliciting prostitutes? Sorry for being ignorant on the issue, but I want to learn about what you're referring to.

    As for my stance on sexuality, I believe people will love who they want to and that attraction can't be helped. Peace, love, and equality. :-)

  6. I think the "wide stance" defence didn't work, so now the good Senator is forum-trolling.

  7. LOL....dude, I seriously just spit stuff out laughing ....never before has LOL had so much meaning!

  8. ...

  9. Gay people just want the same rights as everyone else does. There has to be "special" laws and civil rights laws so because when these small backwards towns don't do anything in prosecuting crimes against gays/lesbians/black/spanish/asian/etc., then the state can step in and prosecute.

  10. What is "gay agenda" supposed to mean?

    I'm waiting for somebody to answer this. Or is it just a concoction, like "the death tax" was?

  11. I've been leaving this post alone since it's the kind of issue that could easily offend folks. I personally don't believe that gay people have any more of an "agenda" than I do or anyone else does - just like I think they should have access to every right that is afforded to me or anyone else. I guess if you support yourself politically you have an "agenda" these days.

    but yeah, chalk it up with "death tax", "war on poverty" and "war on drugs." It's most likely used to ferment fear in the minds of those that are apt to think "the gays are coming after us - it's all part of their agenda!!!!" Heaven's no.....not an agenda......not....gasp....a bulleted list of action items! No!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  12. I personally don't believe that gay people have any more of an "agenda" than I do or anyone else does - just like I think they should have access to every right that is afforded to me or anyone else.

    I heartily agree and we Canadians have made great strides towards recognizing this legitimate human need to establish and maintain actual equality by recognizing and equally enforce rights for all citizens.

    I also believe that the term "gay agenda" is a Republican catch phrase in line with furthering the Republican agenda, which is to instill fear and loathing in the populace so they can hold onto power.

  13. edit "enforce" should read "enforcing"

  14. I, too, am a Christian male - I cannot see what the difference is - a man loves a man, a woman loves a woman - who basically cares?

    The American senator was outed and didn't like it - much like most gay people who want to remain private about their sexuality, and who doesn't? What has it got to do with anyone what you do inside your own home? He was a fool for doing what he did, but I have nothing against him for being who he is.

  15. The church, the government and the media have no place in the bedrooms of the nation. Moreover, it's high time for the citizens to rise up and say so. As free citizens we have have the right to privacy when it comes to sexual acts between consenting adults taking place in our own homes. And IMO the sexual practices of people running for office have nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not they merit election on their policies and platforms.

  16. Amen to that. I'm basically a good guy, but I've got my kinks, and god knows I don't want anyone judging me for them. I'm convinced everyone has at least one weird thing about them when it comes to sexuality. We're confusing and complex creatures.

  17. You know, there's one thing you've got to give Perez Hilton credit for; the normalizing of the term "Marriage Equality." For that alone, he's earned my respect.

  18. Ugh! I think I heard Perez and Tila Tequila are going to be hosting MTV's New Year's Eve special.

  19. I have a big crush on Josh Groban. So there.

  20. You have excellent taste. :)

  21. Why, thankyuuu!!

  22. tenthredemption

    i'm gay. i'm christian. i'm not against the "gay lifestyle." and i'm part of one of those "every christian" groups.

    yeah, not much for a statement. but i'm sure it helps ease your view of christianity a little. there are gay christians.

  23. thistimethisspace

    It seems to me there have always been gay people therefore, there have always been gay Christians (Muslims, Buddhists, etc.). In the New Testament, Jesus of Nazareth is depicted as being inclusive of all people, regardless of their genders, preference or practices. He shared his "enter the Kingdom" teachings and his time with all comers. And those New Testament books clearly lay out the new covenant - love one another.

    May you experience peace, love and joy in the New Year both withing the church body and without. :)

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