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The given object ID is not that of a menu item. | PARTIAL CUSTOM MENU LOST

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    This message showed up after my custom menu headings and submenus were automatically deleted by WP:

    "The given object ID is not that of a menu item."

    Lost 3 Main Headings, 3 Subheadings and 43 page links.

    Structure: 3 Main Menu Headings (no links), 3 Subheadings (no links) under One Menu Heading and then a large array of pages with links associated to the menu headings.

    Please advise as this has happened two times taking hours and hours to rebuild. Our site has worked fine for several years.

    Thank you, Edward

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is is possible that you were using shortlinks in your custom menu? I cannot find the thread right now but I remember reading someone mentioning a problem with shortlinks. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

    Staff have been alerted to the problem so please be patient.

  3. I wonder if its an issue of using main headings with the same name. I lost all Product, Q&A, Art

    1. HELLO
    2. MEN
    3. WOMEN
    4. PRODUCT >MEN > pages | WOMEN > pages | ET CETERA > pages
    5. Q&A > pages
    6. ART > pages

    I'm doing a work around to see if I can get it a temporary fix until I know how to prevent this loss. --bound to happen again.

  4. Sorry this is happening. Be patient. Staff is on holiday, but they do check the forums so someone will get back to you. One thing you could do is subscribe to this topic so you will get an email when someone posts.

  5. Thanks, subscribed.

  6. Well I have to give up adding a temp fix. Nothing is working now. --and a transformer just blew up outside. great.

  7. Up-date. Pages added to our custom menu at first read as 'pages'. Upon saving the menu changes, the pages automatically become classified as 'custom'. In this assigned class the url links are wiped clean rendering dead page links. This seems to be progressive.

  8. Sorry to hear about this issue, I'm going to move this to the main Support Forum because it is not really a theme-specific issue and so that it gets more attention.

  9. Anyone? I just can't imagine its a user problem at this point. I've been working to resolve this issue for two days. Seems to me it must be a coding PHP issue. So far no word from WP staff -- holiday and all...

  10. Hi. I've picked up the support request that you sent in, and I am investigating.

  11. Thanks. Maybe a php memory allotment snag?

  12. I've sent you an email in reply to your support ticket. I'm going to close this thread to avoid fragmenting the discussion :)

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