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The glitches keep stacking up ...

  1. Hi,
    I first noticed that my drop-down menu beside my username in the top right corner of WordPress wouldn't drop-down. It still won't; I only find out about comments/new followers/likes via email now.

    A few days later, my home page stopped loading properly. I only see the tabs, none of which will work. I also can't use the support page; none of the options will work when I click them.

    Now I can't add links to posts. I used to be able to highlight and click Alt + A to enter a URL, making my posts appear cleaner without compromising the amount of information in them; this is actually a real problem for me.

    I'd really like solutions for these problems, and I encourage anyone who has had similar problems to comment on this post so the admins will be able to easily know if this is a widespread, rather than isolated problem.

    Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 100% agreed. I appreciate WordPress and I'd even pay for the service except in the past month the glitches have been off the wall bad. I've mostly limited to complaining about really major stuff, but each day I have no idea what I'll be getting and what will be shut down. It's like coming home to a house with randomly broken items every day.

  3. Also amusingly enough - it keeps telling me on these comments I "move too fast" several times in a row even though I go reallllyyy slooowwly to make sure the comment posts. Case in point.

  4. ...the first two things to do are:

    1. log out of your account, clear your browser cache, log back in and see if things are still borked.

    2. go here and make sure your browser is up to date:


    The "home page" is being difficult for a lot of people at the moment: Until it's fixed, you can find most of the functions here:

    The Support link:

    While you're in the Visual Editor, highlight the text you want to add a hyperlink to, then click on the 'link' button in the WP tool bar.

    I first noticed that my drop-down menu beside my username in the top right corner of WordPress wouldn't drop-down.

    Do you mean the orange notification button? Sometimes that sticks if it has been some time between cache clearing.

  6. @emmamulligan
    This thread has been flagged for Staff attention.

  7. @emmamulligan
    Will you please tell us how are you connecting to the internet and to, and which browser and version of it you are using?

  8. I'm using Google Chrome, the newest version available, downloaded via FileHippo (which I've found consistently reliable). I'm not terribly internet savvy, so please don't hesitate to correct me if I'm not answering this correctly: I'm connecting via LAC, public network at SFU. This is the same way I've been connecting since before using WordPress; I haven't made any changes.

  9. I'm connecting via LAC, public network at SFU.

    Thanks for providing the deatils. The bottom line is that you need Staff help and we don't know ehen they will arrive and provide it.

  10. So strange ... all the problems I've outlined above have magically stopped. Maybe there's already been some staff intervention? It's always possible that this is only a brief respite and the problems will return, too.

    Regardless, thanks a lot for your help :)

  11. In my experience, SFU has at least once blocked access to, so I would assume that it's the connection. IT probably realized they were blocking a site a lot of students use for school.

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