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The Gravatar Rating Game!!!!

  1. Ok, this is just some game I thought of. What you do, is, you rate the person's Gravatar, that poasted before you. 1 out of 10.

    The first person who coments on this, must rate MY Gravatar. Enjoy the game!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. 7/10

    Im still questioning whether or not thats really a penguin

  3. 8/10

    I just really question why pepole put there REAL picture, when some creep could look at you, figure out who you are, and... nevermind.

  4. 4/10

    I looks like a little kid made/drew it, maybe thats what you were going for? Not sure...

  5. 5/10

    I want to run in the corner and hide from your scary Gravatar Eek!

  6. 7/10

    you're like the scary mario brother that never made the cut in the Nintendo audition lol

  7. 7/10

    Nice smile, but the contrast is very low so its hard to tell.

  8. 6/10

    Im just guesing that you like animay?

  9. 7/10

    unique pic ^_^

  10. 0/10

    Sorry since my internet connection is very slow I could see only a X mark.

  11. Kevin I give you 9/10 freddie [sorry luv] 4/10

  12. 4?? its the least here... Don't people like GhostRider... OMG

    0/10.. sorry.. still I could see only X here..

  13. 5/10

  14. 10/10 I love your smile--it's so happy and it makes me smile too :)

  15. 6/10


  16. the contrast hurts my eyes...7/10

  17. thetatteredflag


    What's not to like?

  18. 5/10

    If the colours were sharper I'd go as high as 7.5. If the image is yours maybe lighten it up and crop it closer to the ragged edges. I'm also taking a point off because you only gave the "two boobs" guys a 9.

  19. 6/10

    Little creepy, but cool!

  20. 4/10, not very expressive at first impression, just very random... haha!

  21. 9/10
    I like it cause its dark and mysterious.

  22. 8/10
    You loose points for having your eyes closed lol! I'll let you off for tilting your head :p

  23. 8/10

    colorful and hot, but idk. something about it just seems like its missing something.

  24. 9/10

    good work...

  25. ?/10

    You dont have a gravatar!!!!! LOL

  26. 9000/10

    Yes! I love that penguin! You seem like a cool guy! LOL!!!!!!! (I was talking about myself)

  27. 0/10 for rating your own avatar LOL!!!

  28. 8/10. I'd give you more but your combined score is now well over 30!!!

  29. 8/10 don't really get it, but its kinda funny!

  30. Wow. 4 days seince the last player played. Lets keep playing here pepole!


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