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The Gravatar Rating Game!!!!

  1. Ok, this is just some game I thought of. What you do, is, you rate the person's Gravatar, that poasted before you. 1 out of 10.

    The first person who coments on this, must rate MY Gravatar. Enjoy the game!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. 7/10

    Im still questioning whether or not thats really a penguin

  3. 8/10

    I just really question why pepole put there REAL picture, when some creep could look at you, figure out who you are, and... nevermind.

  4. 4/10

    I looks like a little kid made/drew it, maybe thats what you were going for? Not sure...

  5. 5/10

    I want to run in the corner and hide from your scary Gravatar Eek!

  6. 7/10

    you're like the scary mario brother that never made the cut in the Nintendo audition lol

  7. cassandramarie


    Nice smile, but the contrast is very low so its hard to tell.

  8. 6/10

    Im just guesing that you like animay?

  9. 7/10

    unique pic ^_^

  10. 0/10

    Sorry since my internet connection is very slow I could see only a X mark.

  11. Kevin I give you 9/10 freddie [sorry luv] 4/10

  12. 4?? its the least here... Don't people like GhostRider... OMG

    0/10.. sorry.. still I could see only X here..

  13. 5/10

  14. 10/10 I love your smile--it's so happy and it makes me smile too :)

  15. 6/10


  16. the contrast hurts my eyes...7/10

  17. 9/10

    What's not to like?

  18. 5/10

    If the colours were sharper I'd go as high as 7.5. If the image is yours maybe lighten it up and crop it closer to the ragged edges. I'm also taking a point off because you only gave the "two boobs" guys a 9.

  19. 6/10

    Little creepy, but cool!

  20. 4/10, not very expressive at first impression, just very random... haha!

  21. 9/10
    I like it cause its dark and mysterious.

  22. suprarationality

    You loose points for having your eyes closed lol! I'll let you off for tilting your head :p

  23. 8/10

    colorful and hot, but idk. something about it just seems like its missing something.

  24. 9/10

    good work...

  25. ?/10

    You dont have a gravatar!!!!! LOL

  26. 9000/10

    Yes! I love that penguin! You seem like a cool guy! LOL!!!!!!! (I was talking about myself)

  27. 0/10 for rating your own avatar LOL!!!

  28. 8/10. I'd give you more but your combined score is now well over 30!!!

  29. 8/10 don't really get it, but its kinda funny!

  30. Wow. 4 days seince the last player played. Lets keep playing here pepole!


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