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The Great Adventure Theme

  1. so i've been playing with all the themes and i just can't find a free one i love as much as the Great Adventure. I don't want to but it however until I can see examples of other blogs using it to see how customizable it is.

    I've looked in the themes section and there are no examples to look at. anyone use this theme or can point me in the direction of where i can find people using it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can check out the blogs of the bloggers who posted to the Premium Themes Forum

  3. Thanks, but there only seems to be two people listed and its hard to tell from just those two if the things I want to change etc are changeable. Any other way to see who uses the theme?

  4. No. There's no index. If there had been such a thing I would have said so. :) You can do Google searches for the string on the blog of the theme ie. footer link credits.

  5. sorry, but huh? unless i can do a google search like "wordpress blogs using the great adventure theme" i get lost

  6. search string
    Blog at | The Great Adventure Theme.

    search results

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