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The Great WordPress Secret ... !? What they never tell.

  1. You know it, and I know it - there are millions of blogs out there - gazillions - but what we (me) wants to know is how many wordpress blogs are alive and working, what is the average life of a wordpress blog, what are the view scales compared to the life of a wordpress blog - The longer the more?

    Here I am averaging 2.45 views a day after one year and I wanna know whether I'm a success - I know that these WordPress numbers may be a little on the confidential side - I can understand this after a lifetime in business, but I promise not to tell anyone. Really.

    - so come on willya ....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you get less than three views a day after a year, you need to promote your blog more I'd day.

  3. *I'd say

    Damn phone.

  4. I'm being modest there ap, it's my way of garnering sympathy from the corporates in wordpress -

  5. Haha the corporates don't read the Off Topic forum. It seems most blogs don't last more than 6 months, I've only been here since July and I can't see myself stopping anytime soon though.

    After five months of blogging I'm pretty happy with the views I get, getting between 70-100 a day now.

  6. now that's another thing - we should really be deducting the home page stats from the total yes .. ? Those are the guys in and out in .0009 secs

  7. well - even if they would tell you the averages it wouldn't help you much ...

    first as you said many blogs are not active - so it wouldn't help you much comparing your blog to that

    on the other hand you have a few extremely hightraffic blogs, that probably (but that is a guess) stats that are 6 digits ;) (daily) - it won't help you much if you compare your blog to failblog for example ...

    so even if they tell us the average is 200 per day the number doesn't mean much imo (although I admit I would be really interested to have some references what blogs that post 1-5 times a week have - or what is considered top 10% :))

    (btw. nice blog you got there! I figure the figure you gave us is a joke :))

  8. Hit 'em high, hit 'em low, hit 'em with the old PBowes - along with a good dose of hamburger helper served up by the gay German transexual! You know you can do it!

  9. O_O

  10. thanks stefan - I'll link you if you wanna link me - maybe that's what we need, an off-topic elite group of cross linkers - whaddya reckon pete -

  11. Peter, the home page stats may or may not be the in and out ones - depends how people get to your blog in the first place.

    For example, a lot of visitors to my blog come in on a page other than the home page, due to search terms. They then visit the home page to go elsewhere, or they may only visit the page they landed on. I read the other day that most of the stats gathering sites do not record a time for visits that are to only one page, even if the visitor stays on that page for 4 minutes (as an example).

    I tend to discount my home page visits somewhat, but not entirely, depending on what sitemeter tells me about my entry and exit pages.

    You and I both have rather niche markets - your niche is considerably larger than mine, but it is a specific niche nonetheless. You seem to get a healthy number of comments whenever I've popped by (I should do so more often!!).

    My blog has passed Birthday Numero Uno and I have no intention of stopping!

    My views go up and down like Melbourne's weather, if that is any help to you - for a wonderful 2 weeks I was getting 500 - 600+ a day, now I am back to around the 150 - 200 a day mark, so I can't predict anything. "Sad" articles seem to get more views than "happy" articles, so I'm not sure what that says about the reading public! LOL

    My pillar posts still get regular readership, but my target market isn't large, so I can't expect huge numbers.

    Have I helped or hindered? LOL

  12. I have a Google Page Rank of 4, if that is any indication of anything and I gather it is - I forgot to mention that.

  13. Still a healthy number of views, if even 10% of the people that have visited read a post then I'm happy haha :) I have a Google Page Rank of 3 which I suppose isn't bad considered I've only been alive five months, I was trying to find out what website has a page rank of 10, has 9 haha.

  14. I've never really worried about how many views I get per day, I'm more about seeing some of those visitors return again... and for that I always put more value on "comments", "likes", and "followers". They could release some average stats, but I wouldn't actually care much where I fell in comparison.

    I've been Blogging for a few years and my numbers are still small overall, but that's OK with me, I've never seen it as a "competition" or anything. For me... I think the nicest surprise was when I switched from my private .org host to and actually had people looking for me.... Having my Blog's name turn up in the search terms on the stat page always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling....

  15. @ardpete, the humiliation of having to explain myself in public, even if it is Off Topic but @peterbowes does a good turn in the search terms

    As for the Home Page stats, how much of a difference does the theme make, along with the "Read More" option?

    I keep forgetting about the page rank.

  16. always a help Team -

  17. I've been up since end of October. I post on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays and get between 60-80 views on those days and usually between 40-60 on other days.

    I am still at Google PR 0, which sucks. I am trying like mad to find ways to get links to my site without having to pay an SEO firm.

  18. lettershometoyou

    It's not really a secret. Top left on the Freshly Pressed page is a figure of 400,568 bloggers as of this writing. I believe WP defines an active blog as one that has been updated by its owner at least once over the past 30 days. That may have changed since the last time I read that.

    Used to be that they'd just post the number of blogs registered, but all the deadwood made the figure meaningless.

  19. kipling eh - lettershometoyou - kipling and canada - you wanna crosslink matey, I think we like you

  20. lettershometoyou

    Kipling once held property in Vancouver. Coincidence? You decide!

  21. kennethmarkhoover

    400,000+ active blogs is pretty impressive.

    You can increase your blog views by promoting it more and posting in the forum and on other blogs. Just be patient, sometimes it takes a while for blog traffic to increase. But if you keep writing good solid content on a regular basis your traffic will increase. Good luck! :)

  22. what is "google page rank" mentioned in this thread? i'm confused about google and blog traffic. i get a lot of traffic from google, comparatively, but still can't figure out how something does/doesn't show up in google...

  23. If you have numbers like Team O then you have a successful blog. Although she says she is in a niche, it has mainstream appeal. You can only compare like for like, but so much of it depends on how much effort you can put in.

    My blog has reached a steady 2K per month, despite the fact I have less time to post than I used to. I'm happy with that.

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