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  1. I'd like to remove the text "The greatest site in all the land!" from a blog I have just created. Thank you.
    Blog url:

  2. That's called a Tagline. Settings > General is where you can change your Blog Title and/or optional Tagline at any time.

  3. when i go to settings , there was no general option , what do i do ?

  4. If you are the Admin of the blog you can make this change easily. Go to Settings > General
    one the secod line from the top look for :
    change the Tagline and click "save changes"

  5. i don't have a general option .. i can't find the tagline .

  6. Can you find Settings on your dashboard? Hover over it and all the sub-settings will appear, including General. This is provided you're the Admin of the blog. If you aren't, you can not change the tagline.

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