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The Has Been Who Never Was - New Blog, feedback would be lovely

  1. HI,

    I'm a comedian, writer, social commentator and I've just set up a new blog. HB/NW is intended to be an amusing take on the world of showbusiness and the wider world through the eyes of someone who never really 'made it' but who feels too old to make a splash within the creative industries. With its tongue firmly in its cheek, Im hoping that HB/NW will provide a format through which I can commentate on the world around me - adding some laughs but also providing plenty of food for thought.

    To be honest with you I'm scared by it all - I'm pushing myself to look at controversial issues that are not always easy to write about - stuffing important, often very serious ideas into a comedy skin. I've found it really tough because although it's all supposed to be funny funny funny, I want people to be able to feel past that and have something deep to discuss. So far I've touched upon mid life crisis, alcohol abuse, the British Healthcare system, the entertainment industry, homosexuality and the church... all through the eyes of a 'hyped up, 80 percent real' version of myself.

    I'm sure you all know what a daunting thing this can be, so please have a look and feel free to offer some pointers. I'm trying to be edgy yet maintain the 'non mature / offensive content' label that could take me off any link pages in the future, so if there's anything that I need to edit/tone down then please do advise me and I can adjust my work accordingly. While the content is daft, behind the scenes I'm trying to take this very seriously and I'm sure many of you will understand that.

    Anyhow - enjoy... I humbly offer HB/NW to you for your thoughts...

    'Nova Amiko'

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You don't need meta or the magical monkey thing..

    In the long term you'll notice the recent/top posts are for a 48 hour period. That means your older posts will fade away never to be seen.

    I used to have 'elegant grunge', and I understand why you picked it, I think. However I switched to fresh and clean so I could fit more posts on a single page, and have the user click on the post to read more.

    I used to have too many categories, and it was in the same place as you have. I had a good idea from my post clicks it was ignored, almost entirely. Don't overdo the categories, as it becomes white noise.

    Good content, keep it up. It's good to see another humor writer sans cats. :)

  3. Keep in mind the further down a widget the less attention it receives. Don't waste that with a search button or excessive text prior to your follow button. Top two, after follow, in my opinion, are top/recent posts and/or categories.

  4. Brilliant advice - thanks so much. I need a bit of time to investigate the layout and your pointers will be invaluable. I love the elegant grunge look as the stains seem to fit the whole HB/NW image but I can see the massive advantage in the 'click to continue reading' model.

    I love your changing header... is that part of fresh and clean ?

    Thanks again - I've had a look at your blog and it's exceptional.

  5. I know it's a good look. I had elegant grunge until about a week ago, and for the same reason as yourself. It gave my site a worn, disturbed look which matched my odd posts. What made me change is two reasons.

    1) People tend to visit your home page, showing the entire post content, and it's hard then to see which posts they were drawn to. My home page as a result is my most popular page, and gives me little to work with.

    2) Many people HATE grunge as much as you and I love it. Fresh and Clean seemed to be the kind of format that would be hard to love or hate. I could be wrong..

    The header change is Appearance - Header. If you upload multiple header images you'll get the option to selection 'random', which gives you that effect.

    Thanks for the kind words about my site, and thanks for following :) Good luck with yours!

  6. Brill - I went with Fresh and Clean but created a background with a few creases, rips, coffee stains etc. Perhaps a bit cliched but it's a work in proress and it gives a slightly more grungy feel to Fresh and Clean. Thanks again.

  7. Pleased to help out. Good luck!

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