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the hovering-around wordpress black bar on the top

  1. On mobile web browser like the Mobile Safari, the top wordpress bar (the black one ) appears in the middle of screen while I write a post. Sometimes it hinders me from writing and editing posts especially on iPhone/iPod Touch, which has a small screen.

    Can I expect it to be solved someday?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for this report which I have tagged for Staff attention.

  3. Are you writing the post via!/post/ or Posts -> Add New in your blog's Dashboard?

    Also, have you tried the app ?

  4. @macmanx Posts->Add New has the problem. The!/post doesn't have the black bar.
    I noticed that the iOS app had the same problem. Anyway, it's WebView page. So, there looks to be no difference.

  5. @timethief @macmanx
    Thanks for your interest in this problem.
    Let me show you a screenshot.
    The hovering black bar

  6. You can use the iOS app to post to your blog, you don't need to view the Dashboard, that's why I recommended it. Have you tried that?

    To do that, select the blog in the app, go to the Posts section (in the app, not the Dashboard), and hit the + icon in the top-right.

  7. @macmanx Of course, I did.

    However, sometimes I access it through the web, and sometimes I access it through the app as you said. ( not the dashboard )
    So, whatever way you choose to post, if there is a bug, then shouldn't it be fixed?


  8. Oh, we are looking into it of course. :)

    I just wanted to make sure that you knew how to use the app to post from your iOS device so you could post without the worrying about the floating bar for now.

  9. @macmanx
    OK. I understood you.

  10. You're welcome!

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