the image cannot be displayed because it contains errors.

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    hi, i’d like to know why some of the images have this problem. after i upload them, they display correctly. sometimes, after a short period, they do not appear, just a blank white box. clicking on them gives the message ‘the image xxx cannot be displayed because it contains errors’ i don’t get it, i didn’t do anything to it at all. what causes this and how can i solve it? thanks all!

    The blog I need help with is



    i just tried uploading new images. they won’t appear either.

    i’ve cleared my cookies, cache and updated my flash player.


    Can you give us a link to a post or page where one of those images are?



    sorry, this sounds awfully stupid but 10s after i left this forum and retried, all images appeared correctly again. one of the posts which had this problem was

    nevertheless i notice this problem occurs with my blog from time to time. i usually insert the images into the posts again when it happens.

    could it be because i didn’t clear cache, etc?


    Not likely on the cache, but then again one never knows.

    What program do you use to prepare your images before uploading them?



    irfanview, to do mainly basic resizing.


    Yeah, that should do fine really. There are some issues with iPhoto and some other camera brand-specific image editing programs. Keep an eye on it and if it comes back, let us know.

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