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The Image Covers the Words

  1. thewhitelilyblog

    the images cover the words
    March 1, 2008
    I am having lots of trouble getting started, and am checking the forums and going through the help pages. BUT!! The codex search download recommended does not download, my password does not work, ever, and something very elementary on the forum questions themselves and in the help pages: wherever there is an image about ten o’clock, the images cover part of the words! What’s up with that? Seems like someone would have caught it, since it’s on almost every page! Makes me afraid to even th ink about using images. Oh, and another problem: explorer keeps shutting down in WordPress, and closing all my tabs with it! “Explorer has discovered a problem and has to close.” Will I ever get over all these hurdles?

    Posted by thewhitelilyblog

  2. Without a link to your blog I can only guess if you're self-hosted and your mention of the Codex and downloading leads to think you might be. If so, you need to go to See below for the differences between the 2 WordPresses:

  3. Yes, that is a self-hosted blogger. They've been directed to

  4. Then why is she arguing with me about in the other thread and talking about the codex? She says she's read the .org vs .com thread.

  5. But on that .com blog I only see a header image and the hello world post, nothing like what she's describing.

  6. Well there is no or so she must be talking about the one I referenced.

  7. Then she needs to read that thread again and drop the codex, download stuff. I suspect what she's dealing with is two blogs; one independent, one here, and trying to use password A on blog B. Without a direct link to the blog in question from the blogger, we are all just guessing.

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