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the increasing number of spam comments

  1. FYI. For a long time my blog was suffering from the spam comments which I would get in my inbox to clear. These were the spam comments which Akismet would not detect as comment and they would show up under a regular Comment queue for moderation. The number of such spam comments were in dozen or so daily and it was frustrating on continuous basis to tend to them.

    WordPress suggest that you keep on marking them as spam and they will eventually disappear. None of their suggestion was working as I was continuously marking them spam on daily basis to no avail. Until recently ...

    I realized that I was marking them spam from the old comment queue from the Dashboard. WordPress for a while has shifted many of their settings to new and shiny dashboard and there is also a new comment queue. accessible through the top dark grey bar. So few days ago I thought I try marking spam through this drop-down. Lo and behold the spam comment emails slowed down, all magically, from dozen to very few (fingers crossed).

    I do not know why WP are keeping two types of dashboard and similar functions at multiple locations. I also do not know why there is no specific guidance on the differences between the two. For example, why is there multiple ways to monitor comments and what is the difference?. I am also technically not sure if what I have discovered above, is true or not. However, sharing this here for others if you have also been suffering through the spam-comment hell.

  2. Yes the amount of spam has increased as spammers are always looking for new ways to get their links on our blogs. Yes they are now hiring legions of despicable people who are paid spam. But do be ware the amount of spam we get at by no means rivals what we get on self hosted WordPress.ORG blogs. The amount of spam we get here is diddly squat in comparison to the thousands of daily spam "comments" we sort through on self hosted blogs.

  3. My suggestion is that you contact Akismet Staff directly simply because this is a public forum and you can bet your bottom buck the spammers are monitoring it.

  4. Hello Team
    I have been targeted by spams comments and link schemes, this has caused my ranking spot. I lost 100,000 spot ranking in the last few months, due to links scheme that google does not tolerate.
    Please if, is in the hands of wordpress staff to fix the problems, please do so.
    Akashma Online News
    Marivel Guzman

  5. Are you kidding me? Your site's ranking cannot be affected by spam comments unless you approve them and post them on the blog. Set up comment moderation.

  6. @akashma
    Note that you have complete control comment moderation and if you have your blog set up for anonymous commenting without comment moderation then you caused this issue yourself by doing that.

  7. It seems Akismet is indeed working well if we mark comments spam through the toolbar, instead of using the old dashboard. Perhaps WP should look into the connection between the two.

  8. I use "the old dashboard" exclusively and have no issues using it at all. I have issues with the duplication of the dashboard here and I avoid going anywhere near there just as I avoid getting the flu. Also note that Akismet Staff have been working over and above the call of duty as of late and I sympathize with them.

  9. Yeah, I also exclusively use the old dashboard (I have all the specific links bookmarked in my browser and I use the bookmarks so it doesn't bother me when WP change their placement or move things around).

    But this one aspect of increasing comment-spam made me look into the new dashboard and I have seen an obvious difference. Every day I used to view dozens of spam-comments in my inbox when I logged in the morning. I used to consistently mark them spam on the old dashboard comment queues and it would make no difference. However, since using the toolbar/new dashboard and marking the comment spam from this different location, I have seen a dropped in daily spam comment.

    I wonder if others have experienced the same? If so, than we may have a good case of reporting this to the staff.

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