How can I post source code?

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    I found this page but it seems to be missing some explanation. None of the formatting I see in the examples show up on my page when I try to add then to my own.

    Even when I look at the source of the article it contradicts itself. It tells you to use the backtick tag but it uses the pre tag in its own source code.

    I need to have source code in my blog all about code. Do I have to buy something extra or upgrade to have source code formatting in my blog that works?
    mobilelibraryinacan using toolbox theme.
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    OK the above post is messed up because I typed in the code tag to refer to the code tag and it tried format the rest as code. I put the pre tag in next and it tried to format again as code.

    My question is why doesn’t that work at all on my blog to I need to buy or upgrade something to have source code formatting. Non of the source code formats do anything on my blog.


    Hi! Sorry about this. The page was actually a bit broken with the formatting which handily made the important information hidden. :(

    The proper way to add sourcecode into your post is using the [sourcecode] shortcode. An example would be:

    [sourcecode language="css"]
    your code here

    I’ve fixed up the documentation page so it’s all back to normal now.

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