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The Jellyfarm blog now open for reading & sharing...Splat by!

  1. hello my computer friends!

    my -name – is -persis – shanker/

    some call me pervert, some call me perky, there’s also been percy, persist and many other exciting names.

    but whatever they call me, only one name rules them all.

    the jellyfarm.

    it's a personal public blog where i lay all my mysterious thoughts out there for folks to read.

    and it's reasonably funny, witty and intelligent.

    and o yea, its ORIGINAL.

    if you'd like to stop by for some perspectives from an asian based lassie, splat by won't you?

    see you there!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ok... This is a GREAT looking blog!!!! Frankly I haven't gotten on a blog and been hit (spat!) in the face by the blogger's personality any faster than this!

    Well done!!!!

  3. thanks habituated buddhist. it's more streamlined now. it was quite a mess before :D

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