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The Journalist theme issues

  1. A couple of issues with The Journalist theme announced in this post:
    1. The left vertical line shown in the photo is missing. This would make the name of the blog stand out more.
    2. There is no "edit" option when viewing the comments.

    Also, I'd love to have the ability to use some HTML in the titles of the widgets. (And if I'm adding wishes, how about an option to have the sidebar on the left?)

    I really like this theme.

  2. @vivianpaige
    I'm using this theme too but I'm delighted that it does not have a vertical line. I also find the lack of the edit option in comments to be annoying. And I would love to be able to use some html in the widget titles. I have chucked some widgets and made my own using text widgets.

    I prefer that search spiders (they work from left to right) hit my posts first and not my sidebar tat. So if there was a left sidebar option I would not use it (but understand that I'm not objecting).

    If you read what Tellyworth says in this thread I think that it seems unlikely that there will be any changes made to this theme or any others that are introduced

  3. Yeah, I saw that you were using it (which is where I got the idea to make my widget titles in all caps). I don't have enough text widgets left to use for the widget titles. (I keep a few in reserve for special circumstances.) With just a little HTML in the titles, I can add a splash of color, which is all I want to do, anyway. (Wassup with the limit on text widgets, anyway?)

    If they are going to stay true to the original theme, though, that left vertical line needs to be in there.

  4. One more item - can we have the time in the posts?

  5. The time stamp showing in the posts would be nice. Also a customizable header would be nice. But, IMHO based on what I have seen, we can ask until the cows come home for changes and additions to existing themes but, they are not likely to happen.

  6. I'm not holding out for a header. The time stamp is just a formatting issue, which they should be willing to fix. (Actually, they already fixed one error I found in the date stamp.)

  7. I see they fixed the "edit" button on comments. Yay!

  8. YAY! for staff re: the fixing of the "edit" button on comments.
    YAY! for staff re: the fixing the "read more" tag that didn't work yesterday but does today.
    YAY! for staff who have now included the vertical line.

  9. @Staff
    I have an issue with my feed for comments. It is not working. Will you please "fix" it.
    Thanks, in advance.

  10. I fixed the comment edit button. I'm not aware of any reports of problems with the Read More tag, and we didn't touch it.

    Please report theme problems to support. We don't always see problem reports in forum threads, particularly when they're buried deep in replies.

    tt: I can't see a helpdesk ticket relating to your problem. Please contact support with the details and we'll look into it.

  11. @tellyworth
    Thanks for your reply. mysteriously yesterday when I published the most recent post the "read more" tag was not working. Ironically that article was a walk through on how to use the "read more" tag ... lol. After gnashing my teeth I went to bed and got up this morning and tried again VOILA! it worked. Weird ... very weird.

    Re: rss feed for comments not working
    If you check the support email you will find my "report".

  12. The vertical line? On the left? I don't see it on my blog or yours, tt

  13. I see a vertical line on both our blogs between the posts and the sidebar. Isn't that the one you mean?

  14. No, there is supposed to be two different lines. One on the left and the one on the right, between the posts and the sidebar. The one of the right has always been there. The one on the left, as shown in the photo, is not there.

  15. I also note that no matter even though I set the rss feeds to "full" they are been truncated. Is this is the same on your blog?

  16. I hadn't noticed since I use feedburner for all of the places (that I know of) that aggregate my feed. How would I check?

  17. Thanks for being so patient with me Vivian. .. dyslexia. Yes, now I do see what you mean and I agree that it would be nice to have it.

  18. No problem. Now if the staff would take a look....

  19. I use feedburner for email updates too. To check my feeds I put the Meta widget in and clicked "Entries RSS" to see what was happening -> truncated posts. Then I clicked "Comments RSS" and got this ->
    It's weird because I do have comments on my most recent posts that are not being dispalyed.

  20. What the heck!?
    Suddenly I have comments in the rss feed.
    Gremlins or Tellyworth?

  21. @Vivian
    Although you pointed out that there are no timestamps on comments, I just noticed that there are timestamps on the comments. But I'm not impressed with the appearance of the blockquotes at all. I'm only getting half of the quotation marks. Is this the same on your blog too? Check this out please.

  22. Dang! in the first sentence above I meant to say on posts not comments ...

  23. Yeah, I saw the timestamp on comments. Blockquotes in a <b>post</b> look fine, as do those in the sidebar. What you are seeing in the comments looks like a bug.

  24. Hmm, sorry about that formatting error :(

  25. No problem. I think you should check this out. There does not seem to be a left vertical line in the original theme

  26. Darn. I guess the picture they have in the original post is just wrong, then. Too bad - I really liked the left vertical line, since it makes the blog title stand out more. (Guess they need to change the picture.)

  27. I think you're right. A vertical line on the left would make the blog title stand out more. And a customized header would do the same ... sigh .

  28. I'm seeing the "next page" / "previous page" links not loading intermittently...anyone else getting that?

  29. I haven't noticed that but then I haven't been on watch for it either. Now I will watch. Thanks. :)

  30. Hadn't noticed that, either. I'll watch for it, though.

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