The joys of infinite scrolling

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    Infinite scrolling was first added to Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven. And disabled the footer widgets.
    Next it was added to Coraline. And messed the background of the theme.
    Then it was added to MistyLook. And messed image scaling down.
    Today it was added to Bueno. And the text of the extra posts shows up in the huge bold font of its h2 headings.




    Yes sir – great job – I am impressed – why not just add a big “load more content” at the bottom between the Previous and newer arrows at the bottom? Seems Load More would be easier to implement and do about the same thing.



    I have a theory that they are deliberately launching with these bugs so that people will complain about the bug rather than the infinite scroll. I mean, all you have to do to see the Bueno issue is go to their own demo blog and click the button. It must have been picked up in the first five seconds of testing. But hey, people are going to be so happy when their fonts get fixed they’re not going to whine about the rest of their blog getting screwed around! Yay!



    This sucks. I am just in the middle of customizing my blog after switching to Bueno yesterday, and I spent all day thinking it was something I had done. I have been trying to fix this huge text crap for hours. I couldn’t care less about the infinite scroll, but the font bug has got to go.


    @wank may be onto something though. Classic magician’s misdirection. None of the bugs so far should have gotten past the first round of testing.



    A good programmer would have caught those bugs BEFORE testing.

    I used to do software – the last stuff I did was industrial control systems – I would have been embarrassed to have turned some of this stuff over to the factory floor. I might have gotten lynched also.



    I don’t quite understand the need to have infinite scrolling?? My blog was looking just fine until … I prefer to just have one latest post displayed. Anyone has any idea to fix that HUGE font on”load more…”. I was so happy with my blog look until this came along….

    Can this be fixed?


    I use twenty ten theme and infinite scrolling made a real mess of it as the logos at the bottom of the page began to appear on the top overlapping the post title. I did manage to solve it with widgets in the footer but what a performance.
    And I’ve seen other users of that theme with the same problem. Tut!



    I use misty look theme and just now became aware of the infinite scrolling. Previously I had 3 posts per page. Have not had a problem with the size of the photos because I always resize before uploading or link to the size that I wish to use from flickr. But I do use a lot of photos on my blog and have some questions:

    Has WordPress made a statement on their blog or in the forum about the reason for introducing infinite scrolling? I can’t find an official statement, but perhaps I missed one of the staff comments in the forum discussions on the subject

    Does this that mean that all 500-and something of my posts will appear on the landing page? That’s what it looks like. After I finished typing this, I went back and see posts from May 2011 loading!

    I have read that search rank is affected by slow loading time. Is this true? Will Google penalize blogs which have infinite scrolling for slow loading time? Or is this not the case here. When I Googled infinite scroll and WordPress in search of info, I came across a page about the WP plugin ( I assume this is for but still pertinent) that says “it is SEO friendly.” There is also a list of advantages and disadvantages of infinite scroll

    With misty look theme is there a “read more” option for posts? If so, it is still available and should I consider using it or has it been disabled to accommodate infinite scroll



    No, only WP can fix the font blunder.

    Yes, it means that all 500-and something of your posts will appear on the landing page.
    No, search engines will see no difference, because the sourcecode of your homepage includes the first batch of posts only. But visitors will see a difference (for the worse).
    Yes, the read-more tag is still available. But instead of editing all your posts to insert it, better switch to a theme with footer widgets.



    Update on Bueno (quoting from another thread):

    Trouble is: the “number of posts in the Settings > Reading page” line is no longer there on “Reading” page. Nothing. Gone. Vanished.

    Great job indeed.



    @panos, it boggles the mind, doesn’t it?


    Just wanted to let you know that the rendering issue in Bueno has been fixed.
    We appreciate the bug report.



    In case it’s not clear, my original post above is not a bug report.


    I’m closing this thread because the Bueno bug, which is entirely my fault, has been fixed. I forgot to close out an H2 tag in the IS rendering code which made everything look pretty terrible for a day or so. One keystroke. Sorry about that, gang.

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