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Where is the "Kitchen Sink" in Full Screen view?

  1. Hi,

    First, I'd like to say that I greatly enjoy having a blog on your site! Thank you, Word Press! I noticed the upgrade that you've made on your site and I must say that my husband (who also has a blog on your site) and I are not happy with the change you made in the Full Screen view as far as the toolbar/kitchen sink is concerned. Many of the buttons needed when composing a blog are no longer available in the Full Screen view causing one to experience the inconvenience of having to toggle between the two scree views when the need to use a button no longer on the Full Screen view arises. PLEASE, fix this! Thank you!
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  2. Suggestion noted - I can see what you mean about the inconvenience.

  3. Thank you! :^)

  4. Okay...It still has NOT been fixed. Why?

  5. The new full screen view was designed to be as simply as possible, to encourage pure writing without distractions like options and buttons, and most of our users are very happy with that.

    The concept is basically that you'll write distraction-free in the full-screen view, and then pop back into the regular view to handle formatting and other such button-related tasks.

    We're still brainstorming a way to add these back in without detracting from the minimalist approach, and it may be a while before we come up with something that can meet with everyone's approval.

  6. How is having to toggle between the full and dashboard screen "simple" when it requires more keystrokes and less efficiency?

  7. It's more about the writing environment being simple, but we are looking into it.

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