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The like button

  1. Hi there,
    Just wondering what people's opinions are about the like button. For you, do you just click and "like it" or do you really comment? I have some thoughts about this that an eventual debate might bring up...

    FYI, I rarely use the like button; I comment and express myself !


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's my opinion based on my own response to "like" buttons that they ability to click the "like" button suppresses commens. I freely admit that the ability to click it has resulted in me submitting fewer comments. I hasten to add that I don't click it unless I truly appreciate the post I have read and I do click in and read every post on the blog in question so a page view stat is created before I click the "like" button.

    If the "like" button disappeared then I would not be weeping and moaning. I would like to see the ability to click the like button limited to use on the posts on the blog only and not all over the place as it is now.

  3. I reserve using the "like" button for post that I consider top notch.

  4. Thanks for your feedback.

    I agree with timethief that

    the "like" button suppresses commens
    . Definitely! It is too easy to fall in a pattern of clicking on everything that looks good. Some people go to far and click on bunches of posts at a time(it happened at my blog).

    To Messymusings, yes, reserving the like button for

    top notch
    posts is an appropriate way to use it. I am happy just to comment or not, at my choice, and to express myself in my own way(what a like button can never come close to!).

  5. alittlecupofcoffee

    I use the like button on posts that I truly do like, and then I always visit the page and read through the blog and comment if I feel I have something further to add.

    It is really easy to just click on the like button, and I feel it's overused in order to get more page views.

  6. Hi little cup,
    Agreed. too much of a thing can sometimes be a bad thing.
    I am all for free readership. But, you know well that we can't please all of the time. Discretion is needed in using the like button, like in a lot of matters in life.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and for your feedback.

  7. I barely use it. If I really like a post, I usually leave a florid, overly positive comment in the comments section. It seems more personable.

    On the other hand, when I'm on Instagram, I use it all the time, just because that's pretty much the only way to get people to view your pictures.

  8. I tend to shy away from "Like" buttons simply because I'm tired of how permeated everything is by Facebook. It's like a personal little boycott.

  9. kennethmarkhoover

    I think it's a quick and easy way to show the blogger you like the content. If I feel I need to say something more than I also leave a comment. :)

  10. The Like button in blogs is different from the Facebook one, here it's more of a community thing. Someone clicks Like here to show their appreciation when they don't have time to post a comment or can't think of something to say. I prefer to have a Like than no comments at all. But actually I like to have both - a comment AND a like, from the same person. :)

    That said, I don't think they're appropriate to all content. For instance, a very serious, intense debate, wouldn't benefit from someone popping by and clicking the Like button then going away without commenting.

  11. I find most Likes my blogs get are spam. They have zero correlation with the number of views a post gets, its newsiness, or its quality. If I get a new subscriber I've never heard of who Likes a post, I basically know the odds are 10:1 that they're just going to Like every post I make on that blog, just because.

  12. I think people who might have left a comment may opt instead to use the like button, BUT folks who would have otherwise not left any comment at all may leave a "like".

    So overall there may be less comments, but more interactions.

  13. I appreciated your comments added most recently to this discussion.

    Thanks those who took the time to give their point of view.
    It is good to test the water in "other ponds" and see how they think and work..
    I will still prefer a comment to a "like" but, the thing I appreciate about all this liking activity is exposure to new blogs and new people. The best part is since I have had an increase in likes, I have had some very interesting visitors and I have been enjoying new viewing material and faces.
    That I do like!

  14. I have once twitted about this issue.
    I like meeting new faces...but somehow I never visited back to people who only like my post because it feels like that person isn't THAT interested.

    When someone left comment on my blog...I will visit that person back and see if his/her blog is interesting. From this activity, I have met many great friends. I feel that comment has more heart than like.

  15. Hi Bokunosekai,
    I think that the blog friends that I have really gotten to know and appreciate the best came from comments.I even know a few that I have even met in person. I am not sure if that would have happened with a "liker".

    A comment is often an open door. "Here I am, it says, and come see me".
    A like sign is not the same "Cool stuff; but, I am just passing through".

    Happy weekend, everyone :).

  16. I am almost tempted at times to write up the most horrific vile post ever praising awful people and their actions just to see if the same dumb people who always click "Like", and I know never read a thing, continue on.

    I don't really think about the Like button most. It's almost automatic when I do or don't click it. Comments mean so much more. A person can like me in real life, but if they never really talk to me or give me feedback then what good is them liking me?

  17. I use the Like button as a way of "putting the cherry on top" of a post I really enjoyed reading at someone's blog. It has to be for a really nice posting that affects me in some way beyond words though...

    Mind you, if I like a post that much I also comment there as well, but the option to give it that lil' something more is nice too.

    I too think that many people use it instead of taking the time to comment.... or to simply get a link a site.... so I usually wont backtrack somebody unless they go that extra bit and chime in first.

  18. Thanks for your feedback, mooselicker & mistressneko. I valued your comments, so I take the time to comment.
    Yes, you both brought up taking time to interact and get to know another human being, not just clicking "like" all the time.

    Everyone's feedback was interesting.
    Have a good week.

  19. I always try to comment on posts I like; however, if for any reason I can't make a comment I will press like and then come back to it later and comment. I do think it is good manners to comment on a post when the blog owner has obviously given some thought in writing his/her post.
    I think it is extremely rude when people bother to comment on a blog and the owner never acknowledges them with as much as a 'thank you'. (and I must admit I have been guilty of this, and all I can say is I do appreciate all the comments I receive)

  20. I'm with jessielansdel, I usually intend to leave a comment but if I am pressed for time or can't think of anything that doesn't sound like a variation on 'I agree, great post' at that very moment I will press like and try to go back later.

    Sometimes you might read a post someone has written on a personal issue that you don't have any experience with, or feel any comment made might just be gratuitous. I press like in those cases just a sign of support, I can't say anything that will help, but am just sending some positive thoughts.

  21. Hi Jessielandel & Metan 1,

    Yes, Jessielandel, answering a comment is good manners. I may be late in answering a comment but, I will answer it. That is one way to do it; use the like button and return later to develop a comment.

    For Metan 1, yes, if you can't find the right words for whatever reason, a like is probably better than saying nothing at all. I tell myself sometimes that commenting or liking should never become "automatic". Because as in life, you cannot like everything or always find just kind things to say.

    Thanks for your feedback :) .

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