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The limitation of tags?

  1. First of all; when I write my post I usually use 40-60 tags. Let´s say I wrote a poem about karma. My tags can look like this: magdalena wiklund (my name), poem, poems, writing, writer, write, author, religion, buddha, buddhism, karma, eternity, wheel, life, prose, project, 365, project 365, read, publish, published, book, books, poetry, poesy, confession, confessions, and so on....

    But I read somewhere that a good amount of tags for each post should be around 10. Therefor I nope have some questions.

    1. Why should I limit the amount of tags?
    I thought that the more tags I have the more readers I will get. People search using different tags. I can have a poem about karma. The tags I can use can be any of them I wrote above. If I write them all both people who searches for the word buddha and poem will find my post. Isn't that right?

    2. How do I limit the amount of tags? If I really should...
    For the moment I have about 40-60 tags for each post. Mostly I write a word in both singular and plural. Poem, poems, poetry, prose. I cannot know what people write when they search for blogs. So how do I know what tags to use and which ones not to use?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. But I read somewhere that a good amount of tags for each post should be around 10.

    You mean here?

  3. Yes, probably. How will people find me with few tag... same questions as above.


  4. If you use too many tags, you'll be Blocked from both the global tag pages and search engines, because that's tag spamming.

    How will anyone ever find you then?

  5. To decide which ones to cut out, look at your post and decide what it's truly ABOUT. Then use those words, no more than 12 of them. If you can't decide whether to use a plural or singluar, google each word and see which has more results. Then use that word, as it's more popular.

  6. What about my name, I should really include that one, should´t I? As an author who is going to get published..


    Your blog already records and displays the authors of posts. Put the author widget in too if you want to really pimp yourself. staff have said that if you us a tag which is used nowhere else on, and by nobody else, then they will block you from the Global Tag Pages.

  8. Search engines nowadays pay more attention to your content rather than your tags. Here's Google's Matt Cutts on tags:

  9. Thanks :-)

  10. Is it a good thing to use my categories as tags also? If I have a category named Haiku - should I do a tag of that also????

  11. No, tags and categories look the same to search engines. Don't duplicate tags and categories.

  12. One of the blogs I coordinate is an Virtual Artistic Residency and we've been using Categories for: Artist (since all artists are invited to collaborate on a post, it's different from Authorship), City and Media (Image, GIF, Movie etc.).

    I've some doubts about the Tag usage:
    - I'd like to use tags to make posts searching easier (obvious!) tagging them accordingly to the content - "Street Art", "Religion", " Architecture" and so.
    - Since many artists may collaborate, we'll have their names and cities as categories and it easily reaches more than 10 (Tags + Categories), what would exclude us from Global Tagging. How can I sort this?
    - Is there any way to Tag PICTURES? How could I search through the media I have?


  13. Oops, the above mentioned blog is:

  14. You shoudn't worry that much: more than 10 categories plus tags per post doesn't automatically exclude you from the global pages. As an example, here's two posts of mine with 13 categories each:
    And here's each of these posts on one of the respective global pages:

    The more tags you use, the less likely it is that your post will be selected for inclusion in the global tag listings.

    (Support doc)

    There is no hard limit. You can use as many tags as you'd like. Somewhere around 10 is a fair number, but that's just a suggestion. The more tags you use, the less relevant it is to each of them, and thus less likely to appear on some of those tag pages.

    (Staff reply)

  15. Thanks panaghiotisadam for your reply.
    Very useful! ;-)

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