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The link addresses have been stripped from my new page.

  1. I created this new page so I could have a set of links to web sites and blog posts related to the subject of my blog. I did everything right. I even previewed the page first to make sure the links worked and they all did. I saved it. Then wen I decided to look at it to see if I sued make some changes to the way I had listed them, I fond the link addresses had been stripped from my links giving my links I could not click on. I know I did everything right as I did the exact same thing with this page that I created on my other blog and its links work just fine. Is there a way for my to get my link dresses put back or do I have to ho honing for them again on the internet as I do not have them saved anywhere ales.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When adding links, it's critical to be precise with the spelling and grammar. Have you double-checked that?

  3. It is not a mater of incorrect spelling. It is rather a case of all the addresses having been removed from the page giving me links that look like links wen hovered over but which can't be clicked on. These links where correct as they used to be listed in the sidebar, but have vanishing from the page with no trace of ever having been their in the first place. And no I did not accidentally delete the links. I hope this clarifies my problem.

  4. These links where correct as they used to be listed in the sidebar, but have vanishing from the page with no trace of ever having been their in the first place.

    We aren't on a position to help you until we get specific information from you. Exactly which links are you referring to?

    Are the "missing" links ones that you entered to create a Blogroll which are displayed in your sidebar in a Links widget?

  5. I have located this page now > and I do see what you mean. Now of the links depicted there are active and I do not know why that is. I hope another Volunteer or Staff can fathom what's going on and help you.

  6. I can't see anything directly wrong with that page. All the revisions show is that the links never existing.

    Can you add them back in?

  7. I would first have to do a web search for them. And I may not be able to find all of them again. Like I have said I lost them wen my page got messed up. I now there is no indication of me adding them in the first place. As for as I can tell they have been removed from not only my latest version of the page but all the earlier ones as well. As it looks I may just have to do a search for them and then add the links that I can find back. But I would like to now at the vary least if someone can tell me what went wrong, as I would hate this to happen to someone ales in the future.

  8. macmanx is Staff. He has backend access to your blog. There is no evidence of you entering the URL for each link into the pop-up box that creates the link. This is the process for creating links in case my explanation is not clear to you.

  9. panaghiotisadam

    Whether the addresses were correct or not and showed in the sidebar or not is irrelevant. Most likely you did not do "everything right" and "the exact same thing" as with the other page: in the post or page editor the address gets stripped out if you have omitted either of the quotation marks that should enclose it, or if you have used curly instead of straight quotes.

  10. Thanks all for your help with this. I did a search for all the links. I was able to find all of them. I have added them back and all is working well now. Again thanks.

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