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The login page of my website keeps redirecting to my wordpress login page

  1. My domain is using a wordpress engine.
    Because of multiple hacks, I have back up and export my posts on my domain site, and import them on to my wordpress site (http://callmemissy.wordpresscom).

    Now when ever I try to logon to my domain's login page (, it keeps redirecting to my wordpress login page! Anyone have any idea how to deal with this?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The login for your site here is: When I go to , I come to a self-hosted wordpress installation. The two are separate and not connected. The login for the self-hosted site would be .

  3. @TSP - I looked at that earlier but the lost password link directs to a WordPress.COM service when at which should be a WordPress.ORG install of some sort

    Which left me confused

  4. Hmmm, I wonder if there is some issue with nameservers or something? It shouldn't do that (stating the obvious).

  5. The name servers for callmemissy point to

    Name Server: NS1.FREE.HOSTZILLA.WS

    No iframe and Powered by WordPress.ORG at the bottom

  6. The hosting is done by hostzilla. I had the wordpress engine imported to my domain website (

    It is just really weird that when I try to log on my domain website it just keeps going to my wordpress login page.

    Thank you all for trying to help. I am really appreciating it!

  7. @TSP - At the bottom the Meta has Log-in links back to WordPress.COM - but the Permalinks for Posts and Pages are WordPress.ORG links -

    I flagged this for the staff maybe they have a thought - they are way backed up however

  8. The name servers for are not directed to us.

    You have some sort of odd redirect with your domain or hosting account to send the Dashboard to us. You'll need to check with your registrar or hosting provider about this.

  9. I contacted my host and this was the reply below which is still not providing me any headway. Help?!

    " Hello,

    I have checked your website now its redirecting to

    Unfortunately we only support customers on server related problems and do not support customers on coding related errors or html errors or programming errors. It is highly Recommended that you contact the developer of the program or its forum or hire a programmer to fix the problem. "

  10. Right, you have Domain Forwarding or something similar set which is sending your domain back to us.

    I recommend replying to them and letting them know that you don't want it to redirect to

  11. Noted on that. I have emailed my hosting platform about this and I will keep this thread updated on the progress.


  12. You're welcome!

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