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    Hi!Considering the fact that is a powerful tool for bloggers with so many options,the change back of the <more> tag not cutting off posts on feeds left me speechless.Why:1)when <more> tag was cutting posts on feeds,i always had the ability NOT to add <more> tag in my post,so it could all go to the feed.So there were 3 options:use more tag and cut on feeds,DONT USE more tag and not cut on feeds.If you think “the looks” of a blog are more essential than its traffic,then ok with me.Blogs survive by people who read them.I know that many people like me are now standing there unable to do anything,while their blogs are dying.Why?Because there are people who come exclusively by feeds.If you give them a whole post on a feed (except the fact that you’re terribly filling a whole feed with a huge post,and some of us don’t like this)they don’t bother to come on the blog because they’ve read your post already.
    Now many people gave us optional sugestions in the more tag topic.One-the optional excerpt,which as much as i can understand,confuses people IN the blog presentation,as it happened to me when my friends WP users tried it.Two-use summary.Summary doesnt provide any image to feeds,not even the post’s title.
    I assume you understand none of this settings is capable of taking the place of the useful <more> tag,as it was.
    I know i’m not alone on this cause i have discussed with people who feel the same way.And i still wonder:why <more> tag doesn’t cut off posts on feeds anymore?what was the exact purpose of this action?

    Thank you very much



    You’re certainly not alone. There are three threads on this already. There are some suggestions and responses from staff in them, so do a search and see if they help you.



    Sorry,i forgot 3rd option which is summary. :D



    Thanks raincoaster,i did.I describe them above.I’m sorry i don’t think they help.:(



    Chrisy you certainly aren’t alone. As you know we have voiced our opinion about the <more> tag and we feel like we’re essentially beating our head against a wordpress wall.
    I agree with you, all of those that have hailed this as a wonderful step forward fail to see that it is an actual step back and the option to post fully on the feed was always there, by simply not using the <more> tag. Certainly a simpler option that having us try to nervously fidle with optional excerpts. FAIL. Or to sacrifice the content and photography of our blog with a summary option, which i believe does a great disservice to both readers and bloggers alike. Not to mention the loss of traffic. Our traffic has easily been cut in half since this has been implemented.
    *Sighs* Maybe ceiling cat could be of some help. Can we haz the <more> tag back plz?



    “Certainly a simpler option that having us try to nervously fidle with optional excerpts”

    As I said in another thread the partial feed uses the first 50 words.

    I will try and explain again:

    With <more> cutting off feeds
    – you got precise control over where that cut happened.
    – users who wanted a uniform front page by using <more> could only offer the resultant partial feed

    Without <more> cutting off feeds
    – you get to show the first 50 words
    – users who want a uniform front page AND want to have full feeds can now do this. They could not before.



    I understand that partial feeds shows the first 50 words but it does not allow for pictures, nor does it allow you any control over what excerpt of your post, or how much of it readers see before you cut if off in the feeds. I understand that optional excerpt is an alternative to this, one that I am not all that comfortable with as i have no coding experience and approach with hesitation and confusion. So people that want a uniform page AND have full feeds get to have their cake and eat it too, while the rest of us…well we get to settle with an option that just doesn’t suit us.



    I wonder if WP could find another solution-something that would be satisfying for all users?Wouldn’t this be TRULY fair? :D



    It seems that this was changed because some WordPress users voiced their opinion. Hopefully our voices will be heard too and everyone can be happy bloggers again.

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