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The Madness is Back

  1. In case you haven't noticed (who wouldn't?) Maxim's Madness has returned from it's short (too long) hiatus (awesome vacation to Mashed Potato Land). Be sure to check it out (again). Promises have been made for epic stories of pillage and plunder and you know I will not disappoint!

  2. My "what the hell was I doing on vacation" series is going on strong!

    Post 1: The Drunken Subway Encounter

    Post 2: Little Treasures

    The absurdity did not take a break, trust me.

  3. Post #3 in my brilliant vacation series: America is Under Attack... And I Know Who's Doing It!

    Here's a hint... it's a Japanese ninja spy!

  4. The fourth and last entry in the My Vacation series! Check it out!


  5. Greeting everyone! I figured I would update this post whenever I released a new post. Since my last update here I've had...1...2....3...4...5...6....10....11! 11 new hilarious posts for you to check out at Maxim's Madness!

    Yesterday on the madness: Glow cats!? Yes they do exist. Want to glow yourself? Donate more cats for experimentation! Experiment on Cats! Check it out!

  6. Sleepy Saturdays: Drive Recklessly

    To run down a murderer in your car, or not... the philisophicalness of it blows the mind.

  7. Today on the Madness; Tatooine found? A force so destructive it may destroy the entire galaxy! Save the world!

  8. Go get it Batman lmao!

  9. Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh BAT-MAAAAN!

  10. New madness here for all the lollies!

    How to become a superstar in four easy steps! Get to training!

  11. Captain Planet is a good alien, and some evil corporations are trying to sully his good name. We got to put an end to this.

  12. I took a vacation to the island of kyushu last weekend. Little did I know I would be hunted down by cults the whole time.

    Culty Kyushu

  13. Japanese kids really like to torture bugs...

    What can I do!?!?!?!?

  14. Here's two more for you guys!

    We got the sequal to the popular Japabese kids kill bugs post...this time it's their school pets!

    Next we got another brilliant original comic from ME! The first status update!


  15. So why are republicans so eager to take down solar panel manufacturers? Its not for the reason you think! It's actually to save the world.

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