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    Can someone please help me to use the “More” function. I have these long posts and want to insert the more command just after one paragraph. Since these longs posts are already published on my page, can I go into them and edit them to the short blurbs I want? I’ve tried doing that and just picking the spot in my post where I want to use it, but nothing ever happens. I can’t drag the actual box to make it into a larger size to capsulate the text? I’m just really lost on how to get this capability to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    The more tag only works on the home page when your posts appear in order.

    If you are in normal mode if you click more you should see a line with more text at the right.

    If you are in html you will see <! — more –>



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    Please be aware that in the “preview” mode you will not see the more tag displayed but when you publish it will be there. I’m not convinced the more tag is what you are looking for . There are other ways of splitting content on very long posts and I think pagination (next page) maybe what you are looking for. If not then page jump links may be your preference.



    Also with regard to the writing box (post box) size on the editor this can be increased.
    Dashboard > Settings > Writing
    look for this:
    Size of the post box ____ lines
    Increase the number of lines and click “Save Changes”



    SNAP! I forgot to say: Yes you can edit existing posts and use one or more of the post splitting options in them. Just remember that they will not appear to be there when you use the “preview” view.

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