The ‘More Tag’ (alt-T) – Help w/ Proper Use?

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    Please excuse what seems to be my thick headedness long enough to offer any help you might be able to share regarding my ‘More Tag’ conundrum… here goes:

    When writing a legnthy entry I quite enjoy having the option to use the ‘More’ or Alt-T tag to split the bugger in two, however, I have to wonder if indeed I am using it correctly.

    For example, using the following link to my WP blog homepage one can see I have inserted the More tag towards the end of each entry:

    Thing is, when one clicks the link to read the entire post instead of showing the full entry, the page is scrolled down to where the tag originally appears on the homepage. Kinda like this:

    Now to my main question…

    -> Is it possible to use the More tag but somehow train it to re-load the entire blog entry in the same manner the headline link does? Sorta like this:

    Related Bummers For Me:

    When writing the entry using the WP Admin editor and the More tag is inserted, one might expect a single marker to appear pre-loaded with the proper link – but in fact two seperate markers are generated. Tried to place one at the begining of the entry and one where I want the spilt, but that don’t work – just removes all entry text from blog home and leavs only headline and read entire post link.

    SO –
    1) Why do 2 markers appear and how am I missing the point on where to place them?

    2) Each marker can be expanded, shrunk, transmogrified and reset to its original dimensions. Seems to beg for text to be insterted inside once the markier has been big-ified, but darned if I can jam anything in there. Am I on all sorts of Stoopid Drugs again?!

    3) Thought I might be able to work around my woes by inserting the More tag, deleting the top most marker and then use the HTML editor to modify said markers. Wanted to change markers link to read “htt…..totally-whacked/” not “htt…..totally-whacked/#more-14” but no! don’t seem to be any way to get this done neither. See, the More tag appears in HTML editor as “<!–more–>” with no apparent method of making above mentioned change.


    OK – this is entirely too long and convolute, so I will wrap things up. Figure my chances of this post making a lick of sense are about even. Bet there is some really, stuptifyingly simple solution to my question regarding the More tag that has been right in front of me as I sit here overthinking things till they’ve lost all meaning.

    If that is true, can someone please circle it with a bright red marker and pin it to my shirt before I get even loster?

    Till then….



    The More tag is really only <!--more--> in the post. The image you are resizing is just a visible representation of that tag, which would otherwise be invisible.

    There is no sense putting two of these in a post. Type some text for the home page (teaser) then add the More tag and type the rest.



    I posted about this problem a few days ago, and I still haven’t been able to resolve it. When you click “more”, it redirects you to the top of the main page, and the rest of the post isn’t visible.

    I’m using the “benevolence” theme, with grass. Thanks!



    Check you’re not using multiple ‘more’ tags, then try changing to another theme and see whether the problem still occurs. If it doesn’t, then it’s a bug in benevolence and the best thing to do is tell the admins through the ‘feedback’ panel on your blog.


    How do you use the more tags.. I have tried but they don’t seem to work.

    I am using the Hemingway theme.

    <!…more…> can someone explain how to use them in the html bit when you post.

    Much appreciated.





    Hemingway uses them by default anyway. It uses the more tag (automatically) to show just the first part of the post on the main page.

    You don’t need to/can’t use it again as it is already there. Users have to click on “read the rest” or whatever to see the whole post.



    Hi Collin

    I was wondering about the pages, do I have an option inside the pages to be able to use the more button. Or does Hemingway not allow that?




    I got a reply from support saying all I need is to click on the “More” tag link in the edit menu on the post and then keep typing the rest of the post. After that I need to click on the “more” button /link. I am not able to do that though. It isn’t working for me.

    Can someone show how to use it in HTML? This is driving me nuts.



    I just type what I’m going to type. Theen click <!–more–>. And then I either keep on typing after that or press my Enter key and type after that.



    I use the ordinary editor and all I do is type this in
    more <!--more> wherever I want the break to occur.



    Just click on the more button the first time. Not sure why they told you to use it twice.



    I’ve been searching high and low for the ability to do that, so thanks for this discussion!
    I suggest a FAQ entry on it…



    I know there is a way to edit what text appears for the “more” tag, but I can’t find it. Does anyone have it?




    Simply edit the post as you would do with any other post.



    Instead of it saying the default “read the rest of the entry” where the “more” tag is, how do i change it so it says something like “to read more thought on this click here” for instance.


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