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The more tag is broken

  1. If I insert a <!--more--> tag into a page I'm composing for my blog on it does nothing. The page renders without a jump in the middle. This is true of both the preview and the published page.

    This used to work. I have a blog page from January of 2011 that contained a <!--more--> tag. It rendered correctly then, but I just went back and checked and it no longer renders correctly. I don't know when it broke.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You'll only see the results of the tag on the front page of the site, not in the post itself. If you need to break a long post into several sections, you can use Pagination.

  3. Oh, wait, you said in a Page? Then you'll definitely need to use Pagination. The More tag only works on Posts appearing on the front/home page of a site.

  4. I find the documentation on this feature confusing, but with your explanation I think I get it. Say I write a post called my-post containing a <!--more--> tag and it's the top post on my blog site. Then if someone accesses that post via the URL

    they will see a jump. However, if they access it via the URL

    they will not see a jump. Is that right?

    Regardless, pagination looks like it will work for what I want to do.

  5. That is correct. It's a common question. When you look at that unique post's page, you don't see the jump.

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