the more tag – issues – html – what to use?

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    A search for the more tag takes me back to 2006, and problems with the more tag since then.

    I’d like to know what to use, to limit the length of posts on the front page of my blog;
    and how to do this with the html editor, as I don’t use the visual one.

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    Searches results should be in chronological order, with most recent shown first.

    The blog I need help with is



    On this forum we Volunteers need to confirm where your blog is hosted before we provide any answers to any questions. Please post the URL starting with http:// so we can get started.



    The support documentation for splitting content using “the more tag” is found here.




    I selected my blog when my question was posted.

    Thank you for posting the answer.



    Here in the forum Volunteers cannot see what blog you selected. Only Staff and the support bot can “see” that. So we Volunteers rely on members to post the URL for the blog in question or link their username to it.

    We have days when 30% of the questions posted are being posted by wordpress.ORG members, who failed to read the sticky post at the head of this forum and are posting to the wrong forum. Many of us Volunteers have types and typed and typed answers only to find that they are useless to the person posting because that person has wordpress.ORG software and not a free hosted wordpress.COM blog and the answers do not apply to their installs. That’s why I asked. :)

    Best wishes with your blogging.



    Timethief, thank you for that explanation.

    I can imagine the volunteers are even more frustrated than the members, who keep putting in their blog names only to have them not show up over and over and then keep being asked for them. I also notice that yours shows up and mine doesn’t, but don’t know why that is.

    I much appreciate your helpfulness. Thanks and have a great day. :)

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