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The More Tag or No More tag?

  1. Hey I'm wondering who uses and abuses the more tag option in posts? Or Is it better to show the whole post on the blog page especially when you don't have so many to begin with?

    Also If you can tell me why!
    I have my notepad out..

  2. Im talking about the "more tag" option in posts.

  3. This is my experience. The blog linked to my username contains Posts: 533; Comments: 9,295; Categories: 19; Tags: 719.

    It has a PageRank of 5/10 and was founded on January 16, 2008 but also includes posts written in 2007. My aim is to provide useful information to both beginners and to those who wish to improve their blogging skills. My guest authors and I blog on the themes of becoming a better blogger, building a better blog, and effective blog promotion. Some posts are aimed at users but  the majority of post contents are applicable to bloggers working on all blogging platforms.

    I use the Inuit Types theme and it automatically displays excerpts on the front page follwed by read more tags which can be clicked so the whole post displays on its own page. Most readers come to my blog looking for specific information. This choice of layout allows my readers to choose the post(s) from among the 6 front page excerpts that contain the specific information they are looking for.

    I have not received any complaints from regular readers and subscribers to the blog since I changed to this theme. All I have received is compliments with regard to the theme change I made. Traffic is increasing and for months now the blog has had enough traffic for me to apply to have it assessed for inclusion in the AdControl prgram (50/50 split from advertising revenue with Comments and Subscribers have increased. The PageRank has held steady.

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