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The Morning After : How to limit number of featured who appears in my home page

  1. Anyone as a solution ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. *have a solution ?

  3. You must be referring to your facebook widget.. and it's up to you how big you make the box, so try making it a lot shorter..

  4. Or if you mean 'articles' once more, this is set by you... or make your front page a 'static page'..

    If it is Articles and how many to show... go to 1) Settings 2) Reading and change the number of posts / articles to show on your home page...

  5. Sorry, my english should be bad !
    But, my request have no link with facebook.

    It's about featured post (sticky articles). I would to know if it's possible to limit the numbers of stikcy who appears on my home page

  6. Also: try going to 'quick edit'.. mark them as 'Unsticky'...
    Cheers, hope that all helps..

  7. Yes, but when I do that, there is only one post on my home page. And I want more (something like 10 post on my home page).

  8. I've explained that with the comment above.. try that Settings > Reading and then mark exact number 10 whatever..

    actual 'wording' is Blog pages to show at most.. ___ posts

  9. You have to keep up to date, also if you make posts 'sticky'.. if you forget which ones are.. it will mess up the settings of which ones you actually want on your front page.. that's why I prefer the settings > reading (your readers view) way better, more simple...

  10. Yes, i know this option. But, the is still only one post on my home page, even when I choose 10 (or more) in Settings > reading.
    That is why I mark all my posts as "sticky"....

    But I appreciate your help :)

  11. The above replies are wrong. TMA is not a conventional theme, and the posts-per-page setting applies to category and other archive pages only, not to the main posts page. The main posts page displays your latest non-sticky post plus any number of posts you mark as stickies.
    For more details on TMA, see my guide to the theme:

  12. So, when I mark all my post as stickies, it's not possible to limit the number who appears on my home page ?

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