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    hi there. i’ve now managed to get a photo to appear of the latest entry above all the featured ones. but it would be good to have a way to limit the number of “featured”.



    Not sure if you know this, but you can go into your Settings tab > Reading and select however many of your latest posts you want to show up on your front page. You can pick any number you want. With this specific theme though, they ALL show up as “featured posts” [when you sticky them, which puts them on the front page], in a tiny font, in a small blue box. The formatting is totally different than your normal posts, which is what sucks. You cant get those normal posts to list from newer – older on your front page.

    Don’t know if this is a bug, or a permanent part of the layout. If it is, I hope they’ll give us some more options. I really do love this theme.



    I’ve same problem. Recently I’ve changed the theme of my ‘Environmental information’ based blog (The Morning After). I am facing following issues
    1) I could not add more than one latest post on home page
    2) I could not add featured image (not even thumbnail) on latest post as well as on featured post (I’ve tried it by proper way but not worked out)
    3) Whenever I quote something it appears very ugly (doesn’t seems like quoted)

    Please suggest something


    hopefully Wordpres will look into these suggestions in the coming days/weeks as the theme is excellent just needs a few changes.
    shame none of the magazine themes from studiopress are here.,…



    now that I’ve figured out how to use the ‘sticky posts’ for a longer list of posts on the home page, I quite like the way the Featured box looks.

    But I use a different static page as my actual home page, and my page of blog posts is deeper in the site – so I need to be able to give it the same heading in the menu bar as I’ve assigned it as a page….

    I hope someone can add that to the post-release bugs list!



    My bad – just found that option in the Theme Headings Options, under Template Headings…



    I’ve got problem setting the Aside Posts.
    Seems that only the texts that show up instead of the titles.

    check out my blog to see what i mean:
    and look on ‘Updates’ section.

    can anybody help me fix this or is it a bug from the new theme? i do like this theme, though.



    @indobrad2 It’s not a bug, but how the theme works. The asides are shown as just the post text—the title is not displayed.


    Lance, here’s something you could fix: if you don’t wish to display a featured post, the sidebars drop to the bottom (below the latest post), leaving the right half of the content area empty.



    @panaghiotisadam Thanks for the report. Could you send us an example of the issue? I’m not able to repeat it in testing.


    Thanks Lance. Alarmed by your response, I tried the theme in another blog, and I couldn’t reproduce the issue either. So there must be something wrong with my tests blog, not the theme. Sorry for posting the above – will send a ticket later.



    No problem, thanks for your help testing the theme.



    I LOVE this theme, but I have 2 things I can’t figure out:

    Is there a way to have only the Latest Post show in full format?

    The theme automatically puts Recent Posts and Pages in my sidebar. Can I take them off somehow?



    Hey guys, thanks so much for this thread, very useful to maximise this new theme.

    @joliver and @aadduk – Thank you for sharing the idea of bulk sticky-ing posts – guess that is the only way right now to have more posts appear on the front page right? if there is any way to get more than one recent/more than the latest post to appear on the front page, that would be GREAT.

    @lance – This theme is wonderful, almost exactly what I was looking for, thank you! If you would be able to update it or add another version just so we have the OPTION to display an X number of recent posts on the front page as well (while still keeping the “feature posts” and “aside posts”), I think everyone would love it. :)

    Right now, I think the only difficulty is when someone views the most recent post, if they do not see the ‘previous post name’ button/link hidden within all the internet ads, they will think your site only has one post and leave – not bothering to look for other posts.

    Please let me know if we can display more recent posts!



    Opinion: I like the idea of using “sticky” to bring forward and highlight older articles under the “latest post” of Morning After.

    I do not like the fixed link under the “latest post” that takes you off my blog with a link to similar posts on other WordPress blogs. (BAD, BAD!)




    Also, concerning the TITLE for Morning After. It uses the blog “Title” as the virtual “HEADER”. Other themes allow you to place key words in the “title” block for the search engines. Morning After forces you to keep it short with big horsey text that appears at the very top of the page.




    I do not like the fixed link under the “latest post” that takes you off my blog with a link to similar posts on other WordPress blogs. (BAD, BAD!)

    I pologize in advance if what I post does not apply to what you mean as I’m not clear on what you mean by this. Are your referring to “possibly related posts”? If so then you can disable that display here > Appearance > Extras
    __Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way
    click “update extras”

    Maybe you are referring to tags or categories which appear depending on the theme at the top, bottom or side of your posts and direct all links to the global tagging pages. If so then the only way to stop that is to use the iNove theme where there are features you can enable to prevent the display, or to make your blog visibility private.
    Note that the Categories and Tags widgets only direct to post found in your own blog.

    If I have missed the mark above, then please post the link you refer to so we can examine it and understand what you mean and where it is directing to.



    EDIT: “or to make” was meant to express that aside from switching to the iNove theme, the only other alternative is to make your blog visibility private.




    Take a look on my home page at the three theme links below the “latest post” post. They are “Continue Reading”, “leave a comment”, and “Advice”. The “title/alt” tag hovering over the ADVICE link says “View all posts in Advice”. One of my categories is, in fact, ADVICE. I expected this to open all articles under this category, but it links, instead, to “advice” related posts. There should be a way to keep it local, but I’m not seeing it.


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