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The Morning After - Limit Featured Posts

  1. Is there a way to limit the number of featured posts on my home page? I love the theme, but the home page displays every post I've made since I started the blog and the loading time has taken a hit because of it. I have tried limiting the amount of posts under the Reader Settings, but that did not work. Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Volunteers cannot help you with this. Please report this to Staff >

  3. Thank you. Have done. :)

  4. You're welcome. There's another member experiencing the same problem and I won't be surprised if more don't trickle into the forum.

  5. truthinreligionandpolitics

    i actuall like this theme more than my premium theme. However, i too would like to know how to remove the "featured posts and simply have 6-7 of the most recent posts. sticky is not designated, yet all are treated as such.

  6. I am somewhat surprised no one posted before I did. I try to exhaust all avenues before resorting to support. I spent most of the afternoon searching for a way to limit the posts, but the theme is just too new to find much information on it. I believe I saw mention of a way to limit posts in the self-hosted version, but, as far as I can tell, it was not carried over.

  7. As the post number setting here > Settings > Reading is failing to work and as Volunteers cannot help you with this > please report this directly to Staff >

  8. Update:

    Support has fixed the issue that makes all past posts appear as featured. Joy! However, standard posts will not show up on your home page unless they are stickied. I fixed this by going to the posts section on my control panel and bulk editing all of my posts so that they appear as stickied. I then utilized the Settings>Reader to control how many posts appeared on my home page. And, of course, you can still control whether the posts show as summarized or full in the Theme Options.

  9. Actually, ignore that.

  10. I have only one post showing on my front page....

    Is it a bug? Should I just wait and see if they fix it?

  11. If you read the other forum threads on this issue you will find that Staff have been notified of the issue. It's Saturday and they will not be available until Monday.

  12. I had contacted support about this same issue and was told that the way this theme is designed to work is that only the one most recent, standard post shows up automatically. To get any other posts to show, you must sticky them. No other posts/recent posts will show without you manually changing the settings for each post. So according to the support staff, the theme is functioning as intended.

  13. @thefoxchild
    Thank you so much for sharing that information. :) I will bookmark it and share it with any other members who post on this issue.

  14. hi there. how do you sticky the other posts so they also show up as featured on the home page? and also how come the latest story does not appear on the home page with an image?

  15. @techmumonline: Here's how to make a post sticky...

    And did you set up a "featured image" for that particular post?

  16. I had trouble with images too. I found that you have to go into Theme Options and in General tick 'Check this if you wan tto show full content on home page'. Also I found that, certainly for video, you have to make sure the image is the right size. I did it by trial and error. Go into Settings the Media and you can adjust the size until it fits.

    I am still trying to get to grips with stickying posts.

  17. It seems really odd that, after all the time and effort that has gone into making blogging software, someone would come along and limit WordPress to only showing one post automatically. A web page with only one post on it isn't really a blog, is it? It is a, hmmm, what the phrase, oh yes, web page...

    It must be some sort of bug - I had all my posts showing up yesterday morning (my time). It is hard to credit they won't give you the option of choosing how many you wan tto show.

  18. Love the theme, but really hate the way the "featured posts" look on the blog. So, when I do sticky each post, they show up, but look awful. I wish the theme had a way to show the last 5-10 [or however many] most recent posts in the "normal" style, as opposed to the featured style.

  19. thanks. will check that out. have to agree with @femmepastiche - would be great if there was a way to show the last 5 to 10 most recent posts.

    there's certainly some wierd things happening with the theme which don't happen when not using

  20. hi there. my only concern, is if you make every post as "sticky", how will it know as to how many to show on the home page?

    Would be great to have a way so that your lastest posts show up.

    also, how do you make the latest entry show on the home page with a photo. i can show the featured posts with a a photo, but the latest one doesn't manage to show with photo.

  21. hi there. i've now managed to get a photo to appear of the latest entry above all the featured ones. but it would be good to have a way to limit the number of "featured".

  22. @techmumonline

    Not sure if you know this, but you can go into your Settings tab > Reading and select however many of your latest posts you want to show up on your front page. You can pick any number you want. With this specific theme though, they ALL show up as "featured posts" [when you sticky them, which puts them on the front page], in a tiny font, in a small blue box. The formatting is totally different than your normal posts, which is what sucks. You cant get those normal posts to list from newer - older on your front page.

    Don't know if this is a bug, or a permanent part of the layout. If it is, I hope they'll give us some more options. I really do love this theme.

  23. Hi,
    I've same problem. Recently I've changed the theme of my 'Environmental information' based blog (The Morning After). I am facing following issues
    1) I could not add more than one latest post on home page
    2) I could not add featured image (not even thumbnail) on latest post as well as on featured post (I've tried it by proper way but not worked out)
    3) Whenever I quote something it appears very ugly (doesn't seems like quoted)

    Please suggest something

  24. hopefully Wordpres will look into these suggestions in the coming days/weeks as the theme is excellent just needs a few changes.
    shame none of the magazine themes from studiopress are here.,...

  25. now that I've figured out how to use the 'sticky posts' for a longer list of posts on the home page, I quite like the way the Featured box looks.

    But I use a different static page as my actual home page, and my page of blog posts is deeper in the site - so I need to be able to give it the same heading in the menu bar as I've assigned it as a page....

    I hope someone can add that to the post-release bugs list!

  26. My bad - just found that option in the Theme Headings Options, under Template Headings...

  27. I've got problem setting the Aside Posts.
    Seems that only the texts that show up instead of the titles.

    check out my blog to see what i mean:
    and look on 'Updates' section.

    can anybody help me fix this or is it a bug from the new theme? i do like this theme, though.

  28. @indobrad2 It's not a bug, but how the theme works. The asides are shown as just the post text—the title is not displayed.

  29. Lance, here's something you could fix: if you don't wish to display a featured post, the sidebars drop to the bottom (below the latest post), leaving the right half of the content area empty.

  30. @panaghiotisadam Thanks for the report. Could you send us an example of the issue? I'm not able to repeat it in testing.

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