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The most annoying post you've ever written.

  1. Last December, I wrote a review of Chris Brown's album and it is now the most read post on my blog. It has reached 1,155 views today. Everyday, this article continues to draw masses. While I don't think it is my worst post, it is definitely not the smartest or the most thought-provoking article that I have ever written. I am so annoyed that people keep reading it when I wrote on social issues and other topics that are more important in my opinion.

    Are there any posts on your blog that get on your nerves? If so, why???

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm saving that one for Next year.

  3. @xtap59 are new on WP?

    @raincoaster Arg! I read the 2nd post and I'm eating. You should have added a warning or a disclaimer. lol Congrats for the comments!

  4. I don't have any significant posts that have received enough recognition to be annoying, I'm fairly new here-- haven't posted enough Articles either. However, as I understood, you might have used a trending keyword that was bound to net results, where less popular (and possibly most insightful) blogs are overlooked and usually never commented upon.

    My first year art teacher had once told me you'd have to turn into a hipster in the sense that in order to succeed, it's obligatory to absorb all the popular subjects, even if it's out of your interest. I think this is very much the case for bloggers, because these two dichotomies share the backbone for marketing. You could stick away from the mass by boycotting Justin Bieber / Lady Gaga, but you could also use it as a tool for abuse.

  5. @lettershometoyou No you didn't! That picture is so wrong. Aren't you a Brit yourself?

  6. pornstarbabylon

    Annoying to who? Most of what I write I usually regret writing after. lol This week one post of mine seems to have hit a nerve and now I'm being hated by many I thought were my "friends". Excuse me for not jumping for joy that two people who are both HIV positive are now pregnant with their SECOND child. And he could be sent to prison soon this summer. Because it's so "safe" now for people with HIV to have children. I truly despise this industry.

  7. hibiscusjaune, am I new to WordPress?

    No, not really, I've been lurking in these parts now since 2006.

  8. @hibiscusjaune, actually I'm a Canadian. And the photo isn't mine!

  9. @pornstarbabylon Annoying to you. In my case, the post that I like the least on my blog is the one that gets me more traffic, which makes me even more annoyed. lol

    @xtap59 oh good, I thought you wanted to save it until next year because you didn't have much posts. I'm pretty sure you already have a couple that you can't bear... don't tell me you don't because I don't like to be annoyed alone

    @letterhometoyou Oh sorry! For some reason. I thought you were from England. :) I actually live in QC, funny eh?

    @midipour Thanks a lot for your input. I've been debating on whether or not I should talk about people/thing I don't care/like to get more traffic on my blog. To me it sounds like a cheap shot and I always like to think that I'm being true to myself and not pretending to be somebody else to look cool. To break it even, I figured I could drop a line about Bieber for example on article focusing on teen celebrities and how bad I think it is. I don't care about the singer, but I do care about this phenomenon.

  10. The posts from last summer about Michael Jackson rides from Neverland coming to Coney Island and his bumper cars being for sale on eBay! It wasn't annoying then because it was a scoop and brought a lot of traffic and links. What's annoying now is that these old posts continue to get tons of hits. I wish the posts about trying to preserve endangered historic buildings would get as much attention. But that's celebrity for ya!

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