The New Auto-collapsing Text Box For Comments

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    Of course, even though they won’t post them, we could always comment HERE about it….



    Ludusnaturae — then you haven’t actually properly tried it. The comment box does grow — but then it shrinks, collapses, again and that is the problem, not that it is initially small. But if you want to know, for example, what the previous commenter wrote that you’re responding to in the blog thread, and you leave the box to scroll up the page, the box shrinks to just a couple of lines again — even if the text in it is long. And it’s very tricky and annoying to get it to expand again. If it just stayed expanded the problem we’re talking about here wouldn’t exist. It’s the auto-collapsing all the time that is the problem. If they stop that from happening, then ok.



    Yes, you are right. I didn’t try properly. I didn’t notice when the box collapses or not, I was confused about this.

    Really annoying! I hope developers fix this soon.



    Why would anyone think this was an improvement?


    What worries me more is the people who have sight problems and particularly need to see all the text as they are typing. What about them? What about people with accessibility problems?

    And – if my memory isn’t playing tricks – didn’t they try this in the past? It didn’t work then either.



    I’m on Firefox too and noticing the same behaviour. The auto-expanding is a really nice touch, the auto-collapsing makes leaving a long comment nearly impossible. If it auto-expanded and then stayed expanded, I could understand it, but the auto-collapse? Surely this is a glitch – I can’t imagine it’s actually supposed to work like that?


    I wonder if it has anything to do with this, from a different site, but related to Intense Debate which is one of Auttomatic’s ‘things’:

    And, surprise surprise (not) the person talking here is Beau Lebens who most recently wrote in one of the recent sticky posts in these forums, about what – about the commenting problems:

    Either this is a change intended to stay (which I suspect) or it’s an unpleasant bug that needs dealing with now.

    What I want to know is what the flying f*ck do they think all this will achieve apart from getting people to move away from Maybe it’s all a ploy to sell more guided transfers. Not that those are much in evidence at the moment. Have they not sussed why the transfers might have become so popular all of a sudden? (I might even go that route myself one of these days.)


    I thought I’d seen this comment box behaviour before, it was here (though I think there was another thread about it, too, and I can’t find that). At the time it was a bug. Let’s hope it is this time, too.



    For the time being, the auto-collapsing issues seem to be gone, the comment box stays expanded — I hope it’s permanent. If so, a huge relief. Just managed to write a comment without being constantly annoyed.

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