The new "comments I made" feature is horrible

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    I use this to check what other people say on the post. I don’t subscribe because my email gets flooded. This new feature is awful. Is there a way to get the old one back?

    I don’t know what you people are doing but it’s just plain awful.

    The blog I need help with is


    You beat me to it, ameliespp.

    I use the “Comments I’ve made” from the Dashboard heavily and I do not like the new My Activity with all the photos and blurbs from the post I commented on. There are none of other people’s comments following my own, which is why I used the “Comment’s I’ve made”. Not everyone clicks reply to the individual comments. I like the ease of just clicking on the reply to get back to the post, if I have more to add.

    I would not use a fancied-up page that includes my own comments only.


    I don’t need to see the comments I’ve made in my blog, they’re always available to me. It’s finding my comments in the the blogs of others that I want to be able to find.

    And… how do I go beyond the past 30 days?



    I especially like how they did this on a Friday night so they could get away with it. How about some warning on this stuff?



    Great Leaping lizards!

    Do not need and do not want my comments appearing in the Reader.!/activities/
    Please, please, provide an opt out.

    Al I want in my reader is permalinked titles to posts published in the last 72 hours in blogs I follow accompanied by a brief intro. That’;s all I want.

    Do not want or need or appreciate: categories, tags, like buttons, IMAGES (yes! I shouted that) sharing buttons, reblog buttons, COMMENTS, etc.



    Of course, they do this on Friday or on the day before they go off on some sort of conference or working meetup. LOL :D Do note that we who have not drank the Koolaid and who would not be seen dead in cheerleader outfits pumping g pom poms will never ever constitute a majority when responding in the negative to any new feature. Staff can and always will take the position that millions love whatever it is and only a few posted to support forum to say they did not love it.

    That being said don’t lose your sense of humor. I have to remind myself that chnage is the only constant in the universe and recall that I was negatively orientated towards infinite scroll but I have done a complete turn around.



    Timethief, I agree, but I thought maybe it was a reader showing which ones I’ve commented upon. I use the dashboard and comments I’ve made to follow most places I’m having a conversation. The orange light up comment button hasn’t been consistently working to tell me there is a reply to my comment or others comments on a post where I am having discussion. But, the comments I’ve made also reroutes to the $*@#^ reader, which also has me lose the nice grey bar with all of my navigational things! PLEASE SAY IT’S A GLITCH! sigh

    lol I know it’s NOT good when YOU use bold and a ! thanks for that laugh but supreme dismay here



    uhm wait, is there another way for me to view a complete list of every comment on a blog where i’ve left a comment, without my having to remember and revisit? perhaps i’ve missed it? (hopefully)




    It’s finding my comments in the the blogs of others that I want to be able to find. And… how do I go beyond the past 30 days?

    You can search your own comments by username using the searchbox on this page >



    @timethief – LOL so true!

    This truly is some weird Kool Aid they’ve given us. I already <i> know </i> what I’ve said in the comments, for the love of god!




    uhm wait, is there another way for me to view a complete list of every comment on a blog where i’ve left a comment, without my having to remember and revisit? perhaps i’ve missed it? (hopefully)

    There was until they combined the two. Now it does not exist anymore.



    oh, so they charge a lot of people a lot of money to make nifty blogs and then make it impossible to maintain relationships, very smart marketing NOT, someone dropped the ball ok

    on to the technical….
    if they are going to force the single black comment, after I already know what i said, are they going to do a ‘more’ or a drop down to expand it right there in the reader? That would be a pain, but well at least I could see it all without mucking all over and losing my place and structure.


    Oh my god I couldn’t agree more!!! I HATE this new comments page. HATE it with a passion, even more than I hated Infinite Scroll!!! I know they don’t give a fig about our opinions since we’re not paying customers, those of us who haven’t bought any upgrades that they’ve been shoving down our throats, I know they just boast that they have millions of testers that they can just use to experiment new features on and then just ride out all the backlash till people get used to it, but man, of all the stuff they’ve pulled lately, this has gotta be the worst ever. Even worse than that being automatically subbed to all comments on all posts ever. At least there was an opt out option for that. God I hope they don’t keep this new comment page as a permanent feature. It has completely and totally destroyed the comments system and that’s putting it VERY mildly, I’m holding myself back here for the sake of the posting rules. But god this makes me angry. I really hate this new comments page. Please remember this cardinal rule, IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT!!!

    And in a milder tone:

    Please bring back the old page for viewing comments that you’ve made. The new one is horrible and awkward and ugly and confusing. Please don’t try to fix things that aren’t broken. Now the whole commenting system is broken, confusing and impossible to read comments except your own. This is a horrible awful and unnecessary change. I know my little comment won’t change a thing and WordPress won’t care but I had to say it, the new page for viewing your comments is AWFUL. Had to add my voice. Didn’t know where else to except here.




    I see this loss of Comments I’ve Made as disasterous. It’s going to cut communciation between bloggers to zlich. What fine brain thought of this? And why? Can anyone explain the advantage of this? Was it costing money to provide this most vital of features? I am thoroughly mystified. Would the powers that be like to explain it to me?



    This is horrible and I hate it!!! What is wrong with WP??? I agree, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!” If they keep this up, they are not going to have any blogs, which is about the point I am at.



    I actually am a paying WP user (the feature I paid for did not work) and btw do you see the Welcome Posterous Users notice? The site is shutting down in April. So I’m sure WP is feeling pretty sure of itself but I’m predicting a mass exodus based in this. I’m thinking Typepad but I’m open to other suggestions.


    Oh, my goodness! I thought I was just losing my mind or had just mindlessly mis-clicked & ended up seeing what I thought was my reader with my comments attached, not realizing that I actually HAD clicked “comments I’ve made”. So glad I found this forum because I couldn’t replicate how I had stumbled onto that weirdness. Do NOT like! Want the comments page back.

    PLEASE, WP guys, put it back to something more like we had! I don’t care if the layout page is a little different (since you seem intent on moving everything away from our dashboards) but it was such a useful feature – not it’s something I will never use!


    My slow internet connection makes loading “activities” a f**kin nightmare (hate that reader too). It’s like someone is on meth in the background, and they keep changing shit around just to mess with your head.

    Hey WordPress, quit tweaking out with your platform (please).


    Unfortunately I have to agree. Infinite scroll isn’t a bad idea, I just find it poorly implemented and under functioning. This new function for comments I’ve made feature is hard to characterise as anything but a bad idea. It feels like a horrible bait and switch to give me a comments I’ve made button then send me to the activity feed.



    I don’t like this either – like others, I used this feature to check if there had been further comments in threads where I had commented, and not to see what I’d said myself! Hope it gets changed back soon.

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