The new "comments I made" feature is horrible

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    As someone who used the Comments I’ve Made function for about 75% of my WordPress interactions, I find this recent change particularly frustrating. I used to click on the link and it would take me to all the comment back-and-forth and conversations between my friends about our posts; now that same link takes me to a picture from my most recent post and one side (my own!) of the resulting conversation. I’m not sure what WP was shooting for here, but it doesn’t make any logical sense to me.

    It feels like someone has intentionally severed the tenuous ties that keep my little online community together. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to keep track of things under this new system. Perhaps I will turn the computer off and go outside. It looks like it’s nice out there.



    I don’t get it as well.

    Why does it list comments I’ve made on my own blog? Pretty redundant. Same goes for the fact that it only lists my own comments. I know what I wrote. I don’t see the information value in it unless I see comments that followed mine.

    I can’t find the “Posts I like” and “Comments I like” links. Have they been removed meanwhile? How do I check the posts/comments I liked?

    What I really wanted to see in the Reader would be the “Your stuff”-Module from the Dashboard. That’s the only place I would discover new posts in other blogs which I’m a member of or new comments that aren’t a reply to one of my post/comment (talking about P2 blogs here). I would always have to visit the dashboard of one of my blogs to get that information. Why not adding it to the reader with a “My stuff” link. In this way I would have all the information in one place. :)

    And last but not least, is it a coincidence or why are features always added/removed on a friday/before a support closure/company meetup/a conference like SXSW? Do you have something like “Feature Friday” at Automattic? ;)



    Color me not impressed with the “upgrade” either.



    You can search your own comments by username using the searchbox on this page >

    Thank you! I knew about that, it gives me the comments I’ve made in my own blog, which I already have. Sorry I wasn’t clear, when I wrote:

    I don’t need to see the comments I’ve made in my blog, they’re always available to me. It’s finding my comments in the the blogs of others that I want to be able to find.

    And… how do I go beyond the past 30 days?

    I meant beyond 30 days in this new, horrible reader way of finding my comments in other blogs.



    I agree with mef1974. This really severs the community feel of WordPress. And it was weak to begin with. I use Comments I’ve Made to see responses and join in the conversation with others. It’s now a useless and unreadable black box that regurgitates back at me what I’ve said on other blogs. I already know what I said.

    Please someone suggest other blog platforms that work decently and have a good community feel. Typepad?

    I’m sick of the constant changes here and god knows what they’re going to pull next.



    I use Comments I’ve Made to see responses and join in the conversation with others. It’s now a useless and unreadable black box that regurgitates back at me what I’ve said on other blogs. I already know what I said.

    Yes… that’s my feeling too…. exactly that. Heads up guys…. an “improvement” is only an improvement if it actually improves anything. This new change is…. well… pretty much worthless. Now time I could be spending blogging is now time wasted having to individually check every Blog I may have commented on to see if there has been a reply…. either that or just end up looking like a jerk who doesn’t continue conversations. Wonderful way to convince people to comment less…. not more.



    So, I guess this new “my activities” feature also lumps in the posts of which I have clicked the “like” button.

    This means I have to load a crapload of posts I didn’t even comment on, thus pushing the ones I did comment on way to the bottom.

    Plus, as someone mentioned, my ability to navigate discussion has been shot.

    Hey WordPress, having discussion doesn’t mean having to load every single post and loading all the pictures and graphics, it just means reviewing the list of printed text…kind of like…well…the way that was before you changed it.

    WordPress, gah!!



    I was trying to follow a thread and forget it!!! This is so stupid, and I do not know who had this “bright idea” but I will be sure and not hire them! There is no way to follow anything without loading everything! What a waste of time and energy and so much aggravation! I will not be here long with this. I closed my last blog down for months due to changes and some of my followers did also. Looks like it might be down for me again. BRING BACK THE COMMENTS I MADE! It was simple and easy. Who needs this with blogging? Not me! We are not here to work on computers we are here to enjoy a “blog” for goodness sake!!! Please WP keep that in mind!



    It would be REALLY NICE to get the “comments I’ve made” feature back. Until it, or something like it comes back, I have little or no reason to use wordpress. This is about communication, and I can’t communicate with anyone if I can’t keep track of the discussions.



    Aaarrgh! Yet another change that only caters to people in countries who have fast internet connection!

    I would like to add my voice to those annoyed with the new format of the ‘comments I’ve made page’ but as yet I haven’t been able to get it to work.

    This option was one of those vital things that helped keep you in the conversation on blogs you regularly commented on. Does this change mean now we have to go back to every post we have commented on recently to keep up?

    When WP got rid of the (general) forum last year, those of us who complained were told to do our socializing on our blogs instead. Now they are doing their best to stymie our efforts in that case as well!



    I concur. The new ‘My Activities’ feature is fine – new and interesting – but is not (as yet) a means for replacement of ‘Comments I’ve Made’.

    The ‘Comments I’ve Made’ page was SO useful to follow up a conversation or to interject on another conversation between original poster and another commenter. I miss it and wish it could come back.



    Although I appreciate everything WordPress offers for free I have to echo the sentiments of those that find the loss of “comments I’ve made” as a bad bad move.
    I don’t want or have time for the email option of following comments throughout the blogosphere.
    If nothing else I would like to see a WP official at least offer an explanation such as space issues on its servers or the like.
    All in all “comments I’ve made” is a feature more important and useful than the “Activity” screen hands down.



    From my point of view form should follow function. Unfortunately the new page “My Activity”!/activities/, which replaced “Comments I made”, works vice-versa: anything is “bigger” and more colorful, but much less useful:

    – Worse overview: I can’t see my comments at other blogs _at a glance_, but only between the posts I liked.

    – Less functionality: I only see _my_ comments. I cannot see if anyone answered them and I cannot answer directly, so I explicitely have to subscribe any post which I commented to get noticed about answers.

    Please undo this or add a sub page for comments only to “My Activity”. Thank you.



    At first had the same problem as brookewilkerson and thought there was some sort of glitch causing “Comments I’ve Made” to be redirected to “My Activity”. It took me about a day to find that my comments were attached to the posts I had commented on . This feature is very, very annoying and I much prefer the “Comments I’ve Made” page.



    I’ve been going diddly trying to find the ‘comments I’ve made feature’ as well; I thought someone had hacked my blog. This is a very bad move by wordpress, most of us depend on that feature to keep track of conversations, seeing as the ‘comments’ feature only shows what transpired on your own page. This is madness. Sometimes it’s okay to admit you made a mistake. Please WordPress, this is driving everyone crazy: give us back our ‘comments I’ve made feature.’



    I agree: the new “feature” sucks, IMHO



    The new feature isn’t bad, but it’s only a one way traffic conversation: to whom I’ve commented. Would be nice to see what they said as well. Maybe wordpress will be offering a new ‘telepathy feature’ soon. Boy oh boy, I can’t wait.



    I don’t want any comments I have made or comments anyone else has made displaying in my reader at all

    If I cannot have the option to click a button and eliminate their display then I am resilient. I will simply unfollow every blog I have followed in my reader and follow them externally as I did long before we had the reader and it’s earlier iterations.



    Done! I unfollowed all of them.



    You’ve lost me on that one thief, don’t understand you at all. The only way to follow a conversation now is through the comments notification..that’s too much conversation. It doesn’t matter any more, what’s done is done and we have to live with it. Maybe I’m just too tired to understand anything right now: 3am in Berlin. Good night.

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