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The new "comments I made" feature is horrible

  1. @jmmcdowell

    Maybe we'll get through to them.

    With kindness I encourage you not to hold your breath. There are millions who have drank the koolaid and pump their poms poms in heralding every change. There are fewer than 100 who complain. These plans are made in advance of us seeing the beginnings of the changes. By the time we see any change it's a done deal. Therefore, we bloggers are perpetually placed in the unenviable position of being listened to in a way that scores, when we make suggestions aimed at improving whatever change it is that we did not welcome.

  2. @timethief,

    With respect and kindness, I must disagree. It was only last year that our outcry got WordPress to abandon the "new default" of "send an email when another person comments on a post I commented on."

    Yes, it takes many thousands of us to effect that kind of change. We can do it, though. The problem with this particular issue, I fear, is that not enough of us used the "Comments I Made" feature. And so our voices won't be enough. But that shouldn't stop us from speaking out.

  3. Yes, we blogger have made an impact on two major changes (comment notifications, infinite scroll) in the last six years. Yes, I do agree that everyone ought to exercise their right to freedom of speech. However, I truly think at this stage that it's best to focus on sharing specific "little improvements" we desire.

    Happiness Engineer
    Mar 11, 2013, 12:12 AM
    Thanks for the feedback folks, we're taking this all very seriously, and rest-assured that we're not done iterating on the new My Activity section.

    I'd like to clear up one common misconception here. The idea that your comments have been injected into the Reader is simply not true.

    While!/activities/ does appear to be the Reader with your comments and likes added to it, it is in fact entirely separate from!/read/following/!/read/following/ will always feature just the posts from the blogs you're following!/activities/ will feature posts that you have liked and commented on (plus your comments).

    We're still working to make little improvements around the new system and greatly appreciate your feedback!

    I'm moving back to using the Reader now the Google Reader is going to be closed. I won't be using the features I don't appreciate such as!/activities/ which will feature (1) posts that you have liked and (2) posts you commented on as I don't have the time or inclination to sort through the mashup.

  4. As this change has been in effect for a few days now I have really noticed the way it has changed the way I use WordPress.

    I used to do my blog housekeeping then go to the comments I've made page and not resurface for quite a while. I would be following comments, adding new ones, and following threads to new blogs or posts that were part of the whole coversation.

    Now I do my blog housekeeping, read my regular blogs and then it feels as though my trail of interactions is bought to a conclusion. That feeling of diving into the community via the 'comments' page has gone. Now, going to the reader and seeing my own comment floating about, unattached, to the conversation doesn't inspire me to click on other posts or look at new blogs (if it works, very slow internet here).
    I find myself walking away from the computer to do those things I should be, rather than wasting my spare time on WP. (I guess I should be thanking you for this change rather than being annoyed then, shouldn't I?)

    If this change is a permanent one (and, sadly, I am convinced it is) can the other comments made on a post after our own be available? Perhaps as a sideways 'see comments' menu like the way the orange notification button works?
    I don't really care to read my own comment again, I know what I said, but it is what others have said that really interests me.

  5. I do not like the "comments I made" although it is not something that I would wrangle over, I personally will simply ignore it and appreciate the many free features of WordPress that I do like.
    WordPress seems responsive to the feedback they are getting from many members that have been adversely affected by this change and hopefully an amicable solution will follow.

  6. I don't really care to read my own comment again, I know what I said, but it is what others have said that really interests me.

    Well said - that sums it up. Dialogue has been replaced by comment and forget

  7. @ macmanx
    (and anyone else)
    I was poking about today hoping that perhaps I had missed an alternative way to actually know and to keep up with every place I visit and what is being said that is new.

    I noticed inside the dashboard, there is a toggle with the title, Your Stuff. It doesn't let me read new comments of others. It DOES let me see where I have commented, and a link right after so, I can simply add it to the morning routine to click to see. I got very excited about this work around, though :( it only did so many posts. If there would be a way to 'see more' or make the list add old things longer, that would be a wee bit inconvenient, but possibly just more of forming a new habit. I can also see and check stats and work on my blogs from in there all at one time. It also gets around the strobe type effect that I get due to the neurological issue. Is this too much differing code? Other people might still be snarky about the changes but then they would have a choice.

  8. @elisasspot
    For me and a lot of other commenters the most important thing is to see when comments we have left have been replied to. I don't have time to check all the comments I have ever left to see if there is a follow-up. The "my activity" section would give me this information instantly - now it is impossible to get

  9. @elisasspot

    It is something, but not enough, in my opinion. We were able to see not only direct replies to our comments, as they were made, but also other comments on the threads where we had commented. To me, and to many, this was invaluable.
    I hope that WordPress will hear us and give us something that reliably has the same function.

    Clicking individually on every post where I have commented is a lot of wasted time and effort.

  10. We're bringing back the old page in the meantime.

    Curious for those of you who were big My Comments users, if you tried to use the "Comments" section here (click on the left):!/notifications/

    What you miss most.

  11. Matt said:

    We're bringing back the old page in the meantime.

    Really?? That sounds encouraging - when?

    Curious for those of you who were big My Comments users, if you tried to use the "Comments" section here (click on the left):!/notifications/

    Er, there's nothing on the left to click on, that I could see.

    This only shows comments by other people on *my blog*. (Intermixed with likes by other people and special "awards".) I don't actually need a special page for that; I can get to it from my Dashboard.

    The point of the "Comments I've Made" page was that it showed comment activity on *other WP blog posts on which I had previously commented*. That's a very different thing.

  12. thebirdingbunch

    I am looking forward to the old page. :)

    I clicked on the link Matt gave and was able to view just the comments.

    What I miss are the comments following mine that were not direct replies. These will not show up on the notifications, but did/do on the "Comments I've Made". At times, I will go back to add to the discussion.

  13. We're bringing back the old page in the meantime.

    Super - I really look forward to that.

    Curious for those of you who were big My Comments users, if you tried to use the "Comments" section here (click on the left):!/notifications/

    This doesn't seem to show other comments on posts that I've commented on, only direct replies. Often someone will just add their part of the discussion at the end - they see the "leave a comment" box and enter the comment there rather than noticing the reply links on individual comments. The nice thing about "comments I've made" was that it would tell you about all future comments on a post once you commented on it.

  14. Hurray, the old "Comments I've Made" page is back! Thank you!!

    I see you have the new one listed in a banner asking people to try it out. How do you want feedback for the new page, and have you already pulled the feedback from this thread, or do we need to supply it again somewhere?

  15. Oh yay! I found this out by accident during one of my attempts to hope! This made my day! Thank you!

    OH, just before it, again the Notifications didn't show a comment that had been made in direct response to one of my comments.

    As for the using the buttons on the left of the notifications section, it does help me to filter, but it only shows direct responses to something I've said in response to someone else's blog posting. It doesn't show me the thoughts, reactions, and experiences of others who comment independent of my own comments. That's most of what caused such dismay over losing the original Comments I've Made feature. As I've stated before, real brain issues give me fits having to scroll and get my eyes to track and follow 'odd' reading patterns. It is very difficult for me to even be able to see which images showing go with which titles now. The scroll works for me a lot like a strobe would for an epileptic person, in triggering odd brain activity that can affect my speech, right side, walking. ability not to go to the bathroom on me. You CAN laugh, I have to, but it's sooo not funny. I get to use WP so that I can continue to express, even if I can't make it across a room in a moment. I will continue to click on the try it out link so that I can see improvements or corrections as they happen, so that I am ready for a shift if and when it will occur. Thanks again for hearing me!

  16. Just noticed the "Comments I've Made" is back. So happy! :D

  17. thebirdingbunch

    I noticed it was back this morning and really am glad. Thank you!

    I have never cared for "busy" blogs with excess images and the new Activities is just too busy. I am very happy with the simplicity of the "Comments I've Made".

    I rarely ever "liked" posts, so I won't have to wade through many of those to get to comments. But I do see a need for others to have the ability to separate comments and likes.

    Unless some changes are made to the Activity page to include comments after mine (and preferably removal of images), at this time, I really do not see a need to use it at all.

  18. @birding bunch
    do you have an alternative method of keeping up with your conversations then? or would you simply be stuck not doing any of it.
    I wouldn't use it, if it did not provide the function i needed, though simply not using the new one does not provide me with a reasonable reproduction of the function, efficiency, and effectiveness for the intent of what it was meant to replace.

  19. @thebirdingbunch

    I am very happy with the simplicity of the "Comments I've Made".

    I was happy with it too but as I unfollowed all the blogs in preparation for the move to Google Reader prior to knowing it would be discontinued I lost that data.

  20. Ahh: the warm fuzzy feeling of having that old friend which is 'Comments I Made' back. It's a simple but effective feature. Love the new 'Activities' too but it didn't meet the need with regard to following conversations in the same way that C.I.M. does.

    Very happy.

    Thanks a bunch for restoring it.

  21. thebirdingbunch


    No, I never came up with an alternative. If I ever wish to continue with a discussion, I can always follow by email, though not really ideal.

  22. It's going to have to change regardless, the current system is too slow, but we want to maintain all the functionality even if it has a new look around it (like being on instead of wp-admin).

  23. Yay, happy! Yay!

    Please guys try to keep this as close to the original as possible. It seems every change has made things only much much harder to read and takes
    Up 3X the space.

    I'm not sure I understand how changing the cosmetic aspect "speeds up" the system, but anyway.....thanks Matt for the update. Could we please get a heads up if it's to change again?


  24. Oh, and Re: notifications. This hinges on bloggers hitting the Reply button to a comment I made. More importantly, I then have to aim my mouse at a notification bar that spills off the page (especially on the iPad) and the blog post title might not even be visible.

    And subsequent comments (made after the reply to me) won't be something I know about unless I develop psychic abilitiies. With Comments I Made, it's simply all in one place. You have no idea how much interaction I missed in just that time that section was gone.

  25. brookewilkerson

    Thank you thank you thank you for giving us the page back! I don't mind layout/location changes as long as the same useful information is easily accessed. I will never use the cluttered "My Activity" information, but I love the simplicity of "Comments I've Made" - all I really want is a quick window for following blog discussions.

    Thanks, Matt! =)

  26. @matt /claps

    Ditto @brookewilkerson - If we can read our comments in context, it's all good. The new dash version is still a far cry from "Comments I've made" in that regard, so thanks for bringing back the old dash version until you've got it worked out.

  27. @matt and pretty much ditto about the Notifications area; it is slightly better (minimally). I can see when someone has replied to my comment, but not the full conversation on a post like I can in "Comments I've made".

    For example, there's a very lively conversation going on in Ian in Hamburg's post in my Dashboard, but if I look at that in my New Dash's "My Activity" or Notifications, I'd never know there was such a thing. Other people's comments are just as interesting and important.

  28. Yikes: "It's going to have to change regardless, the current system is too slow"
    That sounds ominous, so we get it back for a while only and then? Btw, i find it fast enough. What is exactly slow about it?

    It's neat,clean and functional. It works. It does exactly what it should do without any unnecessary blingbling.

  29. Yikes: "It's going to have to change regardless, the current system is too slow"
    That sounds ominous, so we get it back for a while only and then? Btw, i find it fast enough. What is exactly slow about it?

    I read that as "we have to throw a disproportionate amount of computing resource at it to have it work at a reasonable speed".

    Since the basic blogs are free and upgrades are relatively low cost I do see WordPress's point here and understand why they want to change it. I just hope that when they do wsitch we still have all the facilities to follow comments on posts that we have commented on.

  30. Thank you, WordPress people, for bringing back the comments I've made feature, even if it is only temporarily!

    As for the notifications tab, it only seems to have part of the functionality of Comments I've Made. As others have mentioned, the ability to see comments on blogs where we have commented is very useful.

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