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The new "comments I made" feature is horrible

  1. Thank you so much for bringing it back :D

    I understand that this page will probably change again in the future but it is great to know that you listened to what we loved about it.
    Thanks again!

  2. We're bringing back the old page in the meantime.

    Curious for those of you who were big My Comments users, if you tried to use the "Comments" section here (click on the left):!/notifications/

    What you miss most.

    Since it includes all the comments made to me in my blog, I have to scroll forever and ever to get to responses to me, from other blogs. I don't need to see what is in my blog, I'm going to see it anyway. Still, the "notifications" page is far better than the "new look" comments page.

    The "new look" comments page shows all the comments I've made in my own blog - since I reply to all comments, I'm seeing pages of my own comments. I don't need to see them in this page, I have soooo many other places to do so. They take up unnecessary space, and make me avoid the page.

    The other problem is the 30 day cut-off, in the "new look" page, with no way to get beyond 30 days, to see what I've said in the blogs of others.

    Thank you for returning what we had, at least temporarily.

    This was a good reminder for me, though, that WordPress is simply a site to house blogs, and not a community. If we want to create our own communities, we're going to have to work hard to make that happen.

  3. If the old system being too slow is the reason for the change, why hasn't this been communicated better in the first place instead of just making the switch before a weekend?

    In other words I'm advocating for a better communication with the community if possible. Why not saying "Listen, we've got a problem and because of this reasons would like to ..." instead of surprising the community with adding/changing/removing a feature before the weekend?

    By the way, the forum always removes my subscription to this topic all the time. This will be now the third time I'm trying to subscribe. Is there a limit about how many e-mail notifications you will be sent before bbPress removes the subscription? It's roundabout 15 emails, when it stops. Then I log in to the forum after a while and find out my subscription has been removed/lost/vanished/...


  4. Yep, I've been removed from this subscription 3 times, as well as the system "unfollowing" two of my best blogger friends, multiple times. Causing me to miss their posts, and now many comments as well.

    It seems like the only fair thing for WordPress to do is to tell us their goals for this site. If we're supposed to stay in the dark about any and all changes, at least tell us if you're planning to move this blog more towards a community feel or if that's not the plan and we should expect a progressively less community friendly platform.

    I'd say I know it's a free service, however I have paid for services here (and had planned to pay for more) so it would be nice to at least be told if we should spend our money elsewhere for a community blog.

  5. Well, that's that then:
    Help us try out a new version of this page, which combines your Likes and Comments in one view!

    Kiss comments i've made goodbye. I don't want my likes and MY comments in one page. And certainly not the images. They take up an enormous amount of space so you have to scroll like an ADHD suffering methaddict to view what you want to see. And even then you only see your own comments. Why would i want to see my own comments? I know my own comments. I made them. I want to see the responses. And not i a big black box, but just as text.
    Exactly as the original Comments i've made page was. Ands nobody is going to tell me this 'new' page doesn't suck up bandwidth and computing power. At least it sucks up mine with all the irrelevant images from the page i visited.

    Did you hire ex-microsoft programmers or something?

  6. I'm really pleased it is back too. Can't understand how the "new" page can possibly be faster with all those huge unwanted images. Please stick with the simplicity of the older one.

  7. Late to this thread, but with many thanks to timethief for pointing me in this direction, I did want to add my voice to the not loving My Activities.

    I've been trying to search for posts on two individuals' blogs I liked some months ago. I generally use the Like button as my handy dandy bookmark to go back and find recipes, tutorials or discussions. Despite trying every possible function I could find; that information is just not there as it was. My Activities page only gives me nine days worth of info on Likes, Comments and Posts I've made and no way of filtering or searching further back.

    I find this really unhelpful because what I loved best about WP has always been the way it can be a one-stop for easily accessing content I, and others, care about and want to come back to months or perhaps years later.

    Please, can a clearly marked option to have a separate filter/viewable page of Like/Save/Bookmark for posts be featured again?

  8. @Matt

    I just attempted a right click open new tab of the new feature alongside of the old one, to see if it has been altered and OH MOMMA!! HAS IT!!

    I like the buttons at the top that let me filter for comments or likes or all, I (and all other users) get to see what they wish! I see that all comments are now seen along with mine, inside the nice black section which alerts me to look, that's good too. I DO see now why it wasn't placed that way in the first release. Yikes! That is a LOT of scrolling. That part will still screw up my neurological issues, but perhaps it's not an issue for others. I wonder if a 'more' toggle-type button would be nice at each of my own comments, so that a user could choose to view one blog comment pile at a time, rather than scroll thru them all? I expect though, that this scrolling is actually MORE efficient at not having me have to click upon the original blog. I can't decide. I think I'll use it for a few and see what it does to my brain. Who needs to use their right side, walk, talk and move around hehe! It's amazing to note that users were heard and issues attempted to be addressed. It's hard to please a majority, they are just a clump of individuals. Thank you!

  9. Wow yes, the new activities page at!/activities/ now does everything I want. Personally I would be happy for it to replace the "my comments" section now!

  10. Please, speak for yourself. To me it now just looks identical to the Comments I've Made section but with a black background. It's harder to read. Really, guys? How is this better?

    For gods sake, please please at least warn us before changing it this time. Or leave it the way it's always been. It's good for the community. Why change it.

  11. So the "My Activity" tab has changed again to show the full comment thread.

    I've left one comment on two incredibly active posts. Rather than displaying my comment and a few before and after, like the "Comments I've Made" page, the New Dash/My Activity includes the entire comment thread. My mouse wheel is smoking from scrolling down.

    Is there truly no middle ground here?

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