The new cover page with the sliding images

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    Three points. First,the new cover page with the sliding images is very disruptive when I am trying to log on. Some of us can’t switch easily from images to words. Some of us are easily distracted. The sliding images idea is a failure. Second, it is disappointing that one has to log on now to get to Freshly Pressed. What was once a great marketing tool has become “speaking to the converted”. Third, trying to send some feedback on the new cover page has been very frustrating. Most organisations have a way of contacting them to complain. I finally found something that said “tell us what you want” but that link took me to a Support page which is about finding answers to your question.
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    The blog I need help with is



    Log in from your blog’s dashboard or the forum then.



    Thanks. I realised that was an option, but do you think I could find the nice uncluttered screen with the log in and password boxes. I’ve got it now, thanks to the notification of raincoasters’ reply popping up in my email. I’ve changed to address in favourites. But I still find it annoying having to log into see Freshly Pressed or themes.

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