The new dashboard has some good qualities

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    Hey everybody,
    I see that lots of people have not liked the new dashboard.
    Personaly I think it is better in many senses.
    It is easier to delete images that you don’t want to use anymore so they don’t take up space.
    It is faster to get to your other blogs- one click instead of two.
    The settings is put on the far right which is great since it is not something you use in your day to day -making it more intuitive.
    The word design is more logical than presentation.
    When you write a post the add media is at the top so your don’t have to scroll down to add the media. Much easier to add the meida to your post or page.
    Every change brings insecurity but there are some great features and I wanted to thank the wordpress team for working so hard on this.
    I can’t imagine how long it took to change certain features and make it better.
    With time I think all of us wordpress users will get used to the changes:-)



    Could not have said it better myself :)



    Honestly, I’m having a hard time replicating the errors everyone is reporting. I love this new dashboard and I realize that even if I loathed it, is never going to swap it back.

    I wish the people posting problems to the forum would stay focused on the problems they’re having and assist us to find the solutions to their problems rather than dumping steaming mounds of emotion in all the technical problem threads. Really, honestly, truly, I don’t care whether they like the dashboard or not. I don’t care about their feelings at all. I just want to solve their technical problems. I’m a nerd, not a social worker. We have about four or five different threads strictly for complaining about the upgrade already. We don’t need to convert other ones.



    I’m not your everyday me too poster. Anyway, you’re so right!



    Hi Learningheart

    I’m not against the new Dashboard at all!
    But they have completely destroyed EVERY Presentation page doing this upgrade.

    Taken AWAY our WYSIWYG capabilities, which is a MUST nowadays!

    What I see on my Edit Page (Make New Post Page) is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like what appears on the Presentation Page after you hit the Post button.

    We had to set up 3 Blogs to do WHAT SHOULD have been able to be done in a single Blog. Maybe these new changes will fix that problem, who knows.
    But if you can’t get what you see in your editor to appear on the presentation pages without it being altered big time, it’s a major downgrade instead of an upgrade.

    When I first joined Word Press, at my age 60 years old, it was a major hurdle for me to try and figure out WHY what worked on one presentation page (meaning the post itself, not the bells n whistles) wouldn’t work on another presentation page. After going through all of the available presentation pages, I only found TWO that would display WYSIWYG semi properly.

    Being NEW back then, I read every FAQ, every question posted to the forums, etc. Tried to comply with all the recommendations, etc.
    I read somewhere that they preferred Rich Text over Word Documents, but uploading Rich Text was NOT an option, cutting and pasting Rich Text failed every time, the only formatted text I could upload was in Word Doc format. Then came the challenge, previously mentioned, of finding a presentation page that worked properly.

    I spent over 60 hours trying to get something as simple as posting a word document to Word Press where it would work properly. But the other things I needed to do would not work as the directions indicated they would.
    I had to call other members I knew who had blogs here on HOW to do something so simple. The answer from each was, it just can’t be done in a logical way.
    But each gave me alternative ways to do it that would work.
    I tried each method and chose the one that appeared to work the best.
    Had everything down and working great.
    THEN they drop this BOMB on us, obviously without Beta Testing it first!

    I’m publishing here on Word Press for FREE the same things I normally get paid to publish elsewhere. I actually thought it would be appreciated!




    kellemora. I see, this must be hard on you since you do HTML-tables for your puzzles.

    The problem is, that HTML code pasted by everyday users can be quite messy (I’m not saying your’s is). WordPress “sanitizes” user submitted HTML which is quite useful if people paste stuff from word or so.

    I understand that in your case this is not helpful at all.



    Can someone that loves it please tell me where the spell check went too? I do not see it where it use to be:( I am one that really needs a spell check;)



    The spell checker is being fixed. It will return.



    I’m just loving the “add from URL” feature in the Image Uploads. It’s the only thing Photobucket did better than WordPress, and now does it too. Very slick.

    Honestly, the more I see of this the better I like it.


    Widget admin is the the place I would like to see some improvement. For me, it isn’t that big a deal since I don’t move widgets around too often, but when I do, it would be nice to do it in fewer steps. Moving one text widget from one sidebar to another now takes 13 steps instead of 3.

    I agree though, I think overall it was a good change.



    I think the change favours a certain kind of blogger at the expense of another. Tinkering with layout, etc, is harder; posting to the blog (once the bugs are worked out) is facilitated. Tags promoted, categories demoted. It’s moving in the same direction as Blogger 2.0 and Tumblr and suchlike. When everything works there should be far less call for anyone to use HTML, and that opens up to many more would-be bloggers who are so nontechie they find even the former setup intimidating.



    OOPS! Stop the presses!

    My mistake: because it’s what I think of as an “upload box” I thought the “add from URL” option on images actually uploaded that image from elsewhere on the web to one’s own webspace. It does nothing of the kind. Instead, it’s a hotlinking function. NOT what I was hoping for; I would really like an “upload to your space directly from the Web” feature, but this ain’t it.



    honestly, I like the new dashboard. It is also understood that at the beginning, there would be lots of problems, but that is only for the meantime, and I am thanking the support team, the volunteesrs, and the people here in the forum in sorting things out. Sooner, everybody will just love the new dashboard because every inch of problem in the dashboard will be fixed especially the widget admin because I move a lot of widgets. I hope so, and I know will. Overall, its a thumbs up! I know some would love the new dashboard each day they will navigate it, just like me. :-)

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