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The new design / interactivity sux.

  1. does suxx......i m havin difficulty in attaching pics!!!

  2. Recu - search the forum. There are a few users with this problem right now and possible fixes have been posted a number of times.

  3. macroartinnature

    It would be nice if "any and/or all" fixes were put into a sticky post or two.
    Searching all over the place and trying to keep up with which post is which is a bit of a pain, ... and there is already enough pain to go around now!

  4. The editor still screws with my markup. If I switch from html to visual, I lose most of the markup I've put in. In order to keep it, I must save while the editor is still in HTML mode. Even worse, if I go back and edit the post, similar thing occurs. This is fine for now, since I'm usually doing all of my writing and re-editing within a hour of original publishing. However, I can imagine getting frustrated if I spent a lot of time marking things up one day, goto edit a month later, and can't remember everything I did. . . or have to spend significant amounts of time fixing it.

  5. The other key issue I have is the photo upload is so much more cumbersome.
    Aside from the obvious problem of not being able to reposition the cursor in the text once you begin the photo upload process... the process itself is cumbersome.

    Launching it sometimes takes 10 seconds or so.
    Uploading has the spiffy progress bar, which I guess is okay if you're doing big media, like video, but that don't work, so I'm doing tiny photos, and those upload so quick that the progress bar doesn't pro-gress, it jumps and it's done.

    Then, sometimes, I can embed the image from the resulting screen.
    Sometimes not.

    Sometimes there is no option to embed the image in any o the three un-pane-like panes.

    So I close the image tool, and open it again.
    Wait again.
    Click on the third pane, click on my image, scroll down, click middle, click full size
    click embed.
    Now I have to go into the text, click on my image, and tell it, again, to be "middle" or centered in my copy.

    This is about 3x as any clicks and 4x as long as it took in WP 2.3.

    If there's an elemental way to use this that is supposed to be easier or faster or more reliable than it was... that I'm clearly not seeing, let me know.

  6. Mike Cane,
    I haven' ever thought about using an external editor because the one that I was using (i.e. WP 2.3) was fine. I actually rather enjoyed using it.

    For the professional blog I write ( they had a fancy schmancy text editor in there with all kinds of whizbang features but it was the same click, wait, do something wait, click, scroll, wait interface that drove me back to asking them to remove it from my account and I went back to using the plain WP 2.3 WYSIWUG text editor and I got stuff done so much faster.

    It's like the Palm Pilot wen it came out. It did very little, but what it did, it did very well and very quickly and people loved it.

    I may have to look in the direction of an external text editor / photo editor now.
    It's really saying something when someone "improves" their product and users end up having to then resort to using 3rd party tools to do what they were doing just fine a week ago with the standard, built-in interface.

    Cornell wrote elsewhere: (
    "Quit yer mankin’. It’s a major fecking upgrade. Things is gonna be broke.
    They’ve invested all this time in it and it ain’t goin’ back"

    I've never seen a major upgrade of major software that was foisted on the public broken.
    Moreover, to expect people to accept it is broken is inane.
    I expect things to ship working- at least as working as the thing it replaces- like image upload, spell check, etc.

    If they invested "all this time" in it, it ought to work before release,
    or it should sit in some "beta test" area till it's done cooking.

    Undercooked chicken is really bad.
    Unfinished software being mandatorially shoved into your hands is almost as bad.


  7. @littlesophia: I understand your point. Plus, from seeing many of the issues that have cropped up since the upgrade, it's clear to me that most people do far more in their blogs than I do.

  8. It would be nice if "any and/or all" fixes were put into a sticky post or two.
    Searching all over the place and trying to keep up with which post is which is a bit of a pain, ... and there is already enough pain to go around now!

    I quite agree!

  9. is it really dat bad?

  10. Riraito, yes it is.
    Mike, I started reading up on the external blog editors and most are for Windows, which I don't use. A few of those do look pretty cool, though.

    The one decent Mac one doesn't offer WYSIWYG editing. I'll pass.

    I checked from my friend's computer and I was very disappointed to find that my original comments to Mike- the posts that start this forum thread- are STILL "awaiting moderation" on Mike's "New Dashboard" article. He's deliberately not approving my posts which are specific in their criticism, yet numerous other "It's great" "Fantastic" "I love the new dashboard" "Awesome Upgrade" are approved.

    Mike is censoring the feedback that is visible to his New Dashboard post
    so it appears that the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

    If he's not approving mine, you can well assume he's censoring many other posts critical of the new Dashboard.

    I never questioned the honesty of WordPress nor those who work on it before, but this blatantly devious act for their own positive image reinforcement (in the midst of obvious forum criticism) really shatters my respect for the crew at Automattic.

    It is quite a shame because it is not like the criticism could not easily be found elsewhere- all over the forums.

    Why Matt would specifically censor it in an article he started about the new dashboard (an appropriate place for feedback about that same new dashboard) is unfathomable to me.

    They've lost my respect and it was entire unnecessary and avoidable.


  11. riraito,

    is it really dat bad?
    what, entering your own blog url every time you make a forum post?
    yes it IS. cos it's spammy!

    anyone interested in your blog can click your username to visit it, no?
    i hope you undertand what's good net manners! :D

  12. Hmmm. Look at that. You can't edit your own responses.

    Is that a new "feature" too?

  13. >>>Mike is censoring the feedback that is visible to his New Dashboard post
    so it appears that the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

    Huh? Do you mean *me*? I'm not WP staff. Just a blogger like everyone else who is listed as "member." I have to power in these forums. And just like everyone else, I can't edit my comments even if there are bad typos!

    Sorry there doesn't seem to be an offline editor for you, littlesophia. Perhaps if you looked at the links in this post?

  14. See what I mean about a bad typo?

    >>>I have to power in these forums.

    SHOULD be: I have NO power in these forums.

  15. I hate the new design! I loooved the old wordpress and had several friends join and create blogs because it was EASY and they could even post images and such. Now we're all lost and I can't even post up a photo without pulling out my hair! The preview shows the title of the post and that's it.

    When I put to have the image displayed full size, it cuts it down to a 300x200 image! I want my 750x500 images back, without having to go to media edit and manually change every single one.

  16. Mike Cane, no, I didn't mean you. I previously linked to the WP / Automattic staff Mike who published the "New Dashboard" article that can be found in everyone's:
    Dashboard > What's Hot > WordPress News > New Dashboard Design.

    Sorry for the confusion.
    I did browse through information about the OS-X offline editors. I haven't had time to download and extensively test each one on the same tasks in a head- to head comparison.

    I also understand what you mean about bad typos. No problem there.
    I wish we could edit our posts.
    WP cuts down the images two ways, if you have a variable width theme, and your browser window is not wide enough, the theme will just cover over "excess" image.

    I did find that selecting "full size" before pushing an image into my article works, but I'm only doing 500 pixels wide. Your image sizes and probably your these are different so take my experiences with a grain of salt.

    Lastly, when I click "center" before dropping the image into my article, it always gets inserted flush left. I have to manually select the image again, in the article, and click the text centered button.

    I also do NOT enter any link information and EVERY SINGLE image gets inserted with link information (to itself.) This is not only incorrect, it is cumbersome to have a reader accidentally click on an image to end up at another page with the same size image and nothing else. Why do I have to manually REMOVE image links when I never put them there in the FIRST place.


  17. You mean Matt - the boss, not Mike.

    WP are famous for not having truly negative comments posted in their announcement posts.

    BTW - under the "link URL" box for an image there's three options - None, File URL, Post URL. Click "none" that should stop the link information appearing.

    Images really should be resized so that they will :

    a. fit the theme you are using. In Andrew's case 500 px, in my case 400px
    b. not take so much time to display. It's not hard to resize an image before uploading. Most digicams produce a 1.5mb+ JPEG these days. This can be squashed to 50 or even 80k for screen viewing with minimal loss of quality.

  18. >>>BTW - under the "link URL" box for an image there's three options - None, File URL, Post URL. Click "none" that should stop the link information appearing.

    I wish there was some way to set things ONCE and have it always do that. Computers are supposed to save us time, not make us do something over and over again.

    I tend now to use BlogDesk for posts that will be long and have many images. Saves all that trouble.

  19. Absolutely. Perhaps it's one of those things that will arrive with the next upgrade. Especially if we put our suggestions forward.

    Anthony - I just got an interesting comment from Matt on my personal blog:

    There are plenty of negative comments on the announcement post, I only delete the ones that belong in support or use profanity.

    Would be nice if this was stated somewhere on the .com so that everybody knows.

  20. Matt wrote, "There are plenty of negative comments on the announcement post, I only delete the ones that belong in support or use profanity."

    Well, now I can't even get the March update to load properly. Maybe it doesn't "paginate" like this forum thread did. Then it'd be one really long page which is actually bad. It takes forever to load, causes browsers to crash, and pagination is pretty standard. Except where WP decides differently. Hmmm.

  21. I found a new very irksome "feature" of the new interface.
    The ability to postdate an article, while still there, is very hidden- for no apparent reason.

    We have widescreen monitors and WP decided to force the authoring page to be taller by taking nearly everything that was in sidebars and making it part of the main vertical column. (Stupid. stupid. stupid.) One of the things they left on the right was the Save and Publish Immediately buttons. Nowhere does a sane person thing that "edit" after Publish Immediately that reveals editable fields is as intuitive as a right column widget called "Post Timestamp" with the same editable fields always out there in the open.

    It's the only darn thing in the right column. The rest is just f- wasted white space. Why on earth would you BOTHER to force the timestamp to collapse and be hidden by default? To save MORE of the wasted white space?

  22. Oh, and the "New Dashboard Design / March Wrap Up" article now has over 1000 comments.

    Matt hasn't replied since April 5th- the second day of comments.

    In fact, no one is even bothering to try and read the comments and offer advice or replies.

    In comparison,
    February Wrap-up has 186 replies.
    November Wrap-up has 101 replies.
    August Wrap-up has 76 replies.

    It's clear that this "upgrade" hit a LOT of people the wrong way.

    I find it interesting that there hasn't been a public statement covering some point like...
    - sorry for the surprise, we apologize
    - we're sorry the new interface is causing so much trouble, we're working on addressing the biggest problems first and then we'll be making a few adjustments to the interface
    - we hear you
    - we're listening to you and making a few changes, stay tuned

    Instead, we're getting the cold shoulder which says:
    F. off.
    We can do what we want.
    We clearly weren't and aren't listening.
    If we were, we don't care to address people's issues.

    All of which is a complete departure from what the vast majority of us felt WordPress and Automattic was at its core.


  23. Aside from the dead silence on how crappy the new dashboard is, there's also no new information on when we might be able to tweak the widgets (i.e. delete most of them and leave the few that are actually somewhat useful.)

    Actually, any new info, even if it is just to say... "give us a few more weeks and many concerns will be addressed" would be nice.


    But all we got is bupkus.
    And broken bupkus at that.

  24. Today I went to add photos and couldn't get any of them to upload and display properly at 500 pix wide.

    standard jpgs. doing what always worked before.

    So, in the new image embed interface NEITHER the "Center" nor "Full Size" work properly.
    - this worked fine in the old interface.

    There seems to be no way to NOT create a link to the image itself.
    - there was a check button that worked perfectly in the old interface.

    Now, not only is embedding an image far LESS convenient,
    I now have to center, delink, and drag to the proper size, manually, all after the fact, when all of this stuff should be set when embedding.

    I'm forced to do all of this work TWICE.

    The new interface not only sucks, it's worse than what we had.
    It takes longer. It adds steps. It doesn't do what you tell it to do.

    This is an UPGRADE?

  25. I've posted another note in the comments in the April Wrap Up,
    in the hopes that someone from WordPress will say SOMETHING official
    about the hell that was unleashed with v2.5.

    I just do not understand the unending ignorance of the problem,
    or of so many user's comments.

  26. WTF!

    It's been weeks and the "insert at the correct size" isn't even close to working!

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