The new design / interactivity sux.

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    If you hate it that much there’s always blogger.

    Agree. There’s also the option of installing 2.3.3 on a self-hosted blog.



    Thankfully, the commercial blog I work on is still using the old interface and, jumping back and forth, the “old” interface is VASTLY superior to the “new” one. In fact the 2.3.3 feels like what would have evolved from the hideous 2.5.

    Cornell wrote:
    > Your posts sound exactly like the whinging bullshit
    > of every other user that can’t handle change.

    > You obviously in your small minded blindness completely miss understood my post.

    I have a desire to make known my own opinions and specific examples of specific problems that I have encountered. Despite your attestment of “going to … try and help people that really need help.” you have belligerently and personally attacked me twice, and offered zero assistance to my numerous problems. Please do everyone a favor. Don’t post in this thread any more. You are worse than the problem- you are insulting those who are having problems.

    “And how much do you PAY for this service that you think you have a right to complain about?”

    The cost for which WordPress offers this service is irrelevant.
    We all have equal right to commend or complain about the service.
    What gives YOU the right to attack me for voicing my opinion and asking the forum for help with my specific issues? If you actually cared to read my posts before lashing out blindly, my problems include video that won’t upload and bulk image upload.




    Ok, let’s back up and rewind a little, firstly with an apology. My first post was bad enough and I should never have followed it with the second. Can I blame it on some crappy working conditions over the last few days and me lashing out at a random individual having issues with an application I have no control over? I’m sorry!

    I have gone back and re-read all four of your posts and I have to be honest and say that I cannot see any specific questions in your posts. All I can see is comments and phrases like “wtf” and recommendations of what wordpress <i>should</i> be doing.

    Can I ask a favour? Can you post the specific questions and I will do my best to answer them for you if I can.

    I will have a tinker with the video uploading in a mo, but I gather from your posts that you’re using a Mac with Safari? Have you tried (I guess as you’re using Safari it’s the preferred option) Firefox with the interfaces?

    I agree (in advance) that the system should be cross-browser compatible but WP has always had problems supporting Safari.

    Can you try Firefox (if you’re able) and see what happens?

    I am stuck with XP and FF so if it is a Safari problem then I think you’ll have to take it up with support, there won’t be much we can do in the forum.

    Once again, my apologies.




    Grr, I HATE there’s no edit button on the forum posts!



    Oh, can I have a link to your blog please – want to issue an apology on mine and link to it.





    Even with WP 2.3.3 Safari support was so lacking I basically only use Firefox.
    I appreciate your replies.

    Matt says ( “We’re now using version 3.0 of TinyMCE, which means better compatibility with Safari”

    IMHO, WP 2.5 on Safari looks the same and seems to function no better (all other interface de-provements notwithstanding). I tried it out hoping 2.5 would look and work like 2.3 does in Firefox.

    As to the blogs, I have several. My main blog is
    Thankfully, that’s still on 2.3- and it enables me a head to head comparison which glaringly demonstrates what was so easy compared to now.

    The other two blogs are protected, internal corporate. So I can’t share them.
    But they both exist on WordPress and were subject to the surprise de-grade.

    Matt continues: “Today we’re pretty excited to launch a new dashboard design to everyone here on If you have a few minutes, try clicking around and exploring the new layout and features”

    He says it as if we had a choice.
    One instant I was in the 2.3 interface.
    The next instant I was in the 2.5 interface.
    I tried clicking around. I tried the image upload & embed (awfully clunky compared to the former one). Matt, I tried it. I want to go back. Matt, can I go back now?

    Matt continues: “Cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard — we’ve worked hard to take your feedback about what’s most important in the dashboard… we’ve taken the first major step forward in the WordPress interface”

    A page filled with widgets we can’t yet customize at all isn’t cleaner or less cluttered. In fact, as I pointed out, “What’s hot” has nothing to do with my blog, it’s clutter. “Your Stuff” lists recent comments so “Recent Comments” is redundant- it’s clutter. On my closed blogs I have no “Incoming Links.” That entire widget is clutter. “Right Now” is useless for small, personal blogs.

    By clicking “See All” in the “Stats” I see the page I’d like to show up as my Dashboard. Add “Your Stuff” to the bottom of that and I’m fine. Make the Blog Stats my Dashboard page and eliminate one of the links at the top. _That’s_ reducing clutter.




    I can’t find where to upload a doc…I’m completely lost in the new program!



    I think it’s in the same place as the others (Image – Video etc), just press “add media” just above the main post editing window.



    Yes….it does suxx……i m havin difficulty in attaching pics!!!



    Recu – search the forum. There are a few users with this problem right now and possible fixes have been posted a number of times.


    It would be nice if “any and/or all” fixes were put into a sticky post or two.
    Searching all over the place and trying to keep up with which post is which is a bit of a pain, … and there is already enough pain to go around now!



    The editor still screws with my markup. If I switch from html to visual, I lose most of the markup I’ve put in. In order to keep it, I must save while the editor is still in HTML mode. Even worse, if I go back and edit the post, similar thing occurs. This is fine for now, since I’m usually doing all of my writing and re-editing within a hour of original publishing. However, I can imagine getting frustrated if I spent a lot of time marking things up one day, goto edit a month later, and can’t remember everything I did. . . or have to spend significant amounts of time fixing it.



    The other key issue I have is the photo upload is so much more cumbersome.
    Aside from the obvious problem of not being able to reposition the cursor in the text once you begin the photo upload process… the process itself is cumbersome.

    Launching it sometimes takes 10 seconds or so.
    Uploading has the spiffy progress bar, which I guess is okay if you’re doing big media, like video, but that don’t work, so I’m doing tiny photos, and those upload so quick that the progress bar doesn’t pro-gress, it jumps and it’s done.

    Then, sometimes, I can embed the image from the resulting screen.
    Sometimes not.

    Sometimes there is no option to embed the image in any o the three un-pane-like panes.

    So I close the image tool, and open it again.
    Wait again.
    Click on the third pane, click on my image, scroll down, click middle, click full size
    click embed.
    Now I have to go into the text, click on my image, and tell it, again, to be “middle” or centered in my copy.

    This is about 3x as any clicks and 4x as long as it took in WP 2.3.

    If there’s an elemental way to use this that is supposed to be easier or faster or more reliable than it was… that I’m clearly not seeing, let me know.



    Mike Cane,
    I haven’ ever thought about using an external editor because the one that I was using (i.e. WP 2.3) was fine. I actually rather enjoyed using it.

    For the professional blog I write ( they had a fancy schmancy text editor in there with all kinds of whizbang features but it was the same click, wait, do something wait, click, scroll, wait interface that drove me back to asking them to remove it from my account and I went back to using the plain WP 2.3 WYSIWUG text editor and I got stuff done so much faster.

    It’s like the Palm Pilot wen it came out. It did very little, but what it did, it did very well and very quickly and people loved it.

    I may have to look in the direction of an external text editor / photo editor now.
    It’s really saying something when someone “improves” their product and users end up having to then resort to using 3rd party tools to do what they were doing just fine a week ago with the standard, built-in interface.

    Cornell wrote elsewhere: (
    “Quit yer mankin’. It’s a major fecking upgrade. Things is gonna be broke.
    They’ve invested all this time in it and it ain’t goin’ back”

    I’ve never seen a major upgrade of major software that was foisted on the public broken.
    Moreover, to expect people to accept it is broken is inane.
    I expect things to ship working- at least as working as the thing it replaces- like image upload, spell check, etc.

    If they invested “all this time” in it, it ought to work before release,
    or it should sit in some “beta test” area till it’s done cooking.

    Undercooked chicken is really bad.
    Unfinished software being mandatorially shoved into your hands is almost as bad.




    @littlesophia: I understand your point. Plus, from seeing many of the issues that have cropped up since the upgrade, it’s clear to me that most people do far more in their blogs than I do.



    It would be nice if “any and/or all” fixes were put into a sticky post or two.
    Searching all over the place and trying to keep up with which post is which is a bit of a pain, … and there is already enough pain to go around now!

    I quite agree!



    is it really dat bad?


    Riraito, yes it is.
    Mike, I started reading up on the external blog editors and most are for Windows, which I don’t use. A few of those do look pretty cool, though.

    The one decent Mac one doesn’t offer WYSIWYG editing. I’ll pass.

    I checked from my friend’s computer and I was very disappointed to find that my original comments to Mike- the posts that start this forum thread- are STILL “awaiting moderation” on Mike’s “New Dashboard” article. He’s deliberately not approving my posts which are specific in their criticism, yet numerous other “It’s great” “Fantastic” “I love the new dashboard” “Awesome Upgrade” are approved.

    Mike is censoring the feedback that is visible to his New Dashboard post
    so it appears that the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

    If he’s not approving mine, you can well assume he’s censoring many other posts critical of the new Dashboard.

    I never questioned the honesty of WordPress nor those who work on it before, but this blatantly devious act for their own positive image reinforcement (in the midst of obvious forum criticism) really shatters my respect for the crew at Automattic.

    It is quite a shame because it is not like the criticism could not easily be found elsewhere- all over the forums.

    Why Matt would specifically censor it in an article he started about the new dashboard (an appropriate place for feedback about that same new dashboard) is unfathomable to me.

    They’ve lost my respect and it was entire unnecessary and avoidable.


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