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the new drag and drop media loader is not being found, it is still the old one

  1. Alright, I'm going to take whack at this and see what I can poke with a sharp stick. Just to be sure I'm poking the right thing, specifically which blog URL is having the trouble?

  2. well all three of my blogs show the same effect, but try

  3. I did some more digging on this, and this actually appears to be by design.

    The new drag and drop uploader utilizes HTML 5 uploading, so that no browser plugins are required. Unfortunately, IE and Opera are the only browsers to have not yet adopted support for HTML 5 uploading, so they fall back to the original "Select Files" button which requires either Flash or Silverlight.

  4. You'd think that info (not supported yet under browser X) would be easier to find out!

    Thanks for the answer...since I can upload fine its no big problem.

  5. Yes, we'll look into adding a notice to the uploader. Sorry about that!

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