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The new "I like it" feature

  1. I've noticed in a few blogs I visit, but it's not showing in mine. Is it something I need to incorporate from a setting in the dashboard?

    I deleted the email about it, and could not find searching the support site.

    thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It should install automatically, but you can find it in Appearance - Extras and enable it if it needs to be.

    Might be worth clearing your browser cache and restarting it, too.

  3. Thank you, will try that.....

  4. Sally~
    Your like button is there on your blog! It is only visible when you (or a reader) is viewing a single post. If you consider that someone is going to "like" a post, not your entire blog, then it makes sense that you'd only see it in single post views.
    Here is the support article about the new "like button:"

  5. Thanks, Tess..... (blushing)

    I see it now... :-)

  6. Gosh Sally, no worries. There have been several people who have wondered the same thing.

    It might be confusing because you can click on comments under a post (or above in some themes) so it might seem logical that the little button would function the same way: to bring you to the single post in order to "like button" that post.

  7. Good remark, 1tess.
    An odd feature (it's the same as the one in admin bar, but without "reblog"), and also a bit wrong made.

  8. Ah, it is not quite the same as the like/reblog feature.
    Here is an interesting post one might consider:

  9. one wonky thing about it, when it is turned on, it moves all my comments to the very bottom of the page. It makes the viewer believe there isn't a comment service. When I turn it off, the comments pop right back where they should be.

    I'm using the Andreas09 theme.

  10. Report that to staff; they'll need to fix it.

  11. @xtap59 I've encountered a similar problem when I used the P2 Theme with "Possibly Related Posts" enabled. The comment box got pushed all the way down to where my last sidebar widget is. I reported this to staff .. months later it wasn't fixed then I changed to The Enterprise and am glad that everything's working well so far.

  12. Well, I guess this button is a lesson in humility... I don't think I got a single "like it" yet


    I might turn it off - either that or look for a shrink to bring up my self esteem

  13. sallybr; It's not you! I'm the same. The gadget is pretty useless, I'm afraid. Unless it is put beneath each Post (without having to click on 'Comments') it is never going to be of any use. Pity.

  14. @dickiebo

    I feel better already! ;-)

    I do think I'll turn it off - I realize now, after a good soul left me a "like it" - that I don't see it unless clicking on a post individually, which I almost never do anyway.

    My moto is - the less things to worry about in life, the better!

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