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The New Image Upload

  1. It just too me so long to upload 2 small jpgs (66k and 78k), I thought it was never going to happen. I gave up, only to come back later to find they'd finally uploaded.

    I notice the old option to make the photo small, medium, or full size seems to be gone. That will hurt.

    I do not like what I'm seeing of this "improvement" and won't be posting photos if they take eons to upload.

  2. @catsworking - they have left the sizing option, its on the bottom right next to the orientation option, its just changed to a drop down menu rather than tick circles. one thing they haven't messed with...

  3. Thanks, twelveby12. I guess it's just a matter of relocating all the things we were once familiar with (WordPress--change for the sake of change may mean job security for the developers, but it won't grow your fan base).

    However, the pokiness of uploading photos could be the deal-breaker.

  4. Now, people, can we all get along? I too fell frustrated with this change, which seems to have come out of nowhere, but it was probably an effort to improve the system. I've been through quite a few of these situations, when help is not easily available, and had to learn to, first, be patient. Since we don't know each other, and who does what, I assume that most of those who show up to help, are trying to do just that, help. Whether that actually helps, is sadly, another story. That's part of the kinks of a free system, though.
    Specifically about this change (uploading pics), I too see no reason why the flexibility of the old system had to be replaced. It's certainly something that was rolled out before getting a hefty feedback from those who use the system. Again, it's not easy to please hundreds of thousands, etc, but a simple weekly email blast, announcing what's on the Happy Engineers' plate, would go a long way in helping us all.
    To those who can't wait, I suggest using the free (I have nothing to gain mentioning its name here), which has a way of cropping pics, besides of a lot of other nice features. Extra steps too, I know, but I for one, didn't even know that it was possible to go to Media and crop pics there. Last night, nothing seemed to work.
    And for now, I wouldn't use that enlargement feature on the blog; it mysteriously stopped making any difference as far as what ends up appearing on the edited post anyway.
    Since I use the Sidebar differently than most, I also lament the addition of an irritating extra space between the pic and the headline, but that won't drive me off the Brooklyn Bridge just yet, at least not now.
    Not to patronize the professionals behind those changes, it'd also be useful if a quick email would warn us that the system is being 'fixed.' Often, working overnight, some particular features temporarily or permanently disappear, and I'm forced to slice my skin open in order not to scream and wake up the neighbors, while struggling to find a solution and my way around it.
    In the meantime, I appreciate all the help that those who can have been giving out of their kindness, specially to some of us who can't even begin to understand the jargon of code writing. Thanks and regards to all
    Wesley at

  5. jeanofalltrades

    I originally posted because I literally couldn't add images. Clicking Add Media on the Edit Post page took me to an upload screen but after I chose the image from C:/ the thumbnail in the WP image window didn't render and I couldn't insert it. It's working now but when I add an image at "full size" it's showing up reduced in WP. The original image was edited to 500 px but full size in WP is now 3xx even though the template allows for more, the image is 500, and the WP image tool says it's full size.

    It's getting better but not working smoothly...

  6. jeanofalltrades

    Okay, so played around with things and here's the workaround:

    I add an image. It shows up too small and not aligned. I click the image, click the "Edit Image" icon, align it, go to "Advanced Settings," remove "w=225" from the source field, and click "Update." Then I go back to "Edit Image," click "Advanced Settings" again, and click "Original Size." The image looks okay. Phew!

  7. @twelveby12: I never really disagreed with you (singular). Your point is absolutely valid, you must express it, and in another reply I pointed out that unlike some other cases WP does seem willing to listen this time. What I meant in my previous reply is that we experienced volunteers help when we can (for example I clarified things to several users who thought that something no longer worked while actually the only change was a change in the name or the whereabouts of a button), but when a user complains about a problem such as the one you (singular) reported, we cannot possibly help: you report the problem, wait for a staff reply, and wait to see if the problem will be solved.

  8. Jeanofalltrades,
    Has it really come to this? I just tried several different paths and finally got my image on the post, but I swear I couldn't tell you how I did it. I feel like I'm drowning in post-its.

  9. jeanofalltrades

    It's really cumbersome! And I'm not afraid to mess with code but that's a lot to ask of many people. I hope it improves.

  10. @jeanofalltrades: You don't have to do all that.
    a) Full size means pixel size of the original file, if the original is narrower than the maximum the theme allows (= the width of the main column); if the original is wider than that maximum, then full size means automatically downsized to that maximum. The maximum in the Pilcrow layout you're using is 500px.
    b) "I add an image. It shows up too small and not aligned."
    You mean you upload it then click Insert without selecting the desired alignment, link and size options?

  11. @justpi
    fair do's chief, i guess i am being a bit frustrated here at the lack of input from actual staff, which is annoying to say the least. there is no way they are not aware of the problems.

    i am not skilled in code writing etc, and i use wordpress because i don't need to know that stuff. when it comes to having to alter things several times in a post, it gets ... shall we say tiring? no, its taking the piss.

    anyways, this post has gone on long enough i fear, i dont think i will comment again until i see a wordpress staff member commenting. thats not a dig at anyone trying to help, but the notifications are clogging my inbox :D
    thanks to everyone who has tried to help.


  12. The problem with this thread, Robin, is that you posted about a very specific issue (cropping) but gave the thread a very general title; so other users joined in and posted about issues that do fall under the title although totally irrelevant to your original complaint. I think you're right in kissing this thread goodbye, and I suggest you start a new one, with the right title.

  13. russelrayphotos

    Between last night and tonight, WordPress fixed a lot of things. The upload is now working again without having to do all sorts of workarounds. I also just discovered that it is now possible to insert multiple pictures into the post without using the gallery or slideshow command. Pretty cool.

  14. @twelveby12,
    I'll refer you to this post in this post:

    … as I've never relied on WP for image surgery.

    Neither have I relied on to crop my photos because this platform does not do image editing very well. You might want to explore that issue if you are concerned about image quality.

    None the less it is a feature you have used, and miss in this new version. If that is what you are most concerned about , then justpi is right to say "start a new topic with a better title." (a more relevant title)

    …in this case (unlike some other cases) it's not true that staff don't listen and don't bother to reply; they do - and they thank people for bringing problems to WP's attention.

    I'd suggest posting your specific needs in the "Ideas" forum.

    BTW, I am not staff. Only a fellow blogger who volunteers to help with questions, and as a moderator to keep the forum useful.

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