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The New Image Upload

  1. Apologies if this is elsewhere or in the wrong place, I've so far been very happy with wordpress and never had to raise an issue.

    In short, is there a way to edit photos as they are uploaded onto the blog, specifically cropping, as there used to be. Now it seems I have to upload, go to Media Library, edit there, and then go back and insert, whereas before I had one box... upload image, crop, insert.

    The image positioning seems to have gone to pot as well, but I can work round that, but part of the appeal of wp is (was) the seamless manner in which you could insert images into posts, and right now I seem to have lost that.

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Change have been made. There are several threads on the front page of the forum re: the changes. Here's a link to one of them

  3. Thanks for the response, but I have absolutely no idea about the technicalities of any of what is posted in that thread (as an example). I don't bother with title fields, alternate text etc, I simply want to be able to upload my images in a swift manner, and crop them down to size when I am doing so. I often take the photo on my phone, plug it in and upload it to the blog, and I don't see why I should have to go through numerous different screens to do so.

    You said changes have been made... any hints as to where those changes are and if they will actually help me and presumably numerous other users as well?


  4. Hey, yeah, I've read that repeatedly, but it doesn't actually do anything to guide through the problems.

    It would appear that any edits like this are now to be made through the frustratingly long "media library" route, which is poor to say the least. Seamless media editing this is not. I'm about to be redoing my blog and was on the verge of both opting for a domain name and a url forwarding subscription, I now find myself asking if this is the host for me as if I am uploading multiple images onto a post, suprisingly enough I want to see how they look quickly and as I am doing it, not have to upload, go to a new screen, click numerous buttons and then return.

    Poor show, wordpress, poor show.


  5. tt... thanks for trying to help.


  6. I'm remaining mute as last night I experienced the changes to image handling and after swearing, which I rarely do, I decided to bite my tongue. If you want Staff to hear you then you will have to post into one of those threads.

  7. Seems fair TT, but I will continue to comment until someone actually takes the time to respond to the needs of the customer base. Precisely how do WP staff expect me to spend money on developing my blog (regardless of amount) if they are destroying the functionality of handling media insertions, while claiming it is amazing at the same time.

    To the Staff... will there be a change to combine the old with the new? I refuse to believe it is that difficult to to have those basic tools in the image upload edit section.

    There's an old saying.. it it ain't broke, don't fix it.


  8. What the heck happened?!
    One minute everything was fine and uploading images was a breeze. Now I can't get the images to my posts! Please let me know if this is going to be rectified because honestly, I can't figure it out.

  9. Please see the post at the top of the forums.

  10. jeanofalltrades

    I agree @twelveby12. It wasn't broke... Now I'm frustrated, like you are. Can't add images. Many more steps. Not good.

  11. I just figured it out. It does take extra steps but you can still load. Compared to the way it was though, it's crappy.

    Go to the leftside menu
    Go to the Media tab
    Highlight Add New
    It should look familiar now.

    I just hope this "update" didn't screw up images in previous posts.

  12. jeanofalltrades

    @kathrininjapan - that worked! Wow! Thanks. Clunky and time-consuming but at least I'm not blocked.

  13. The Resistance must stick together!!!

  14. jeanofalltrades

    LOL! Yes. Safety in numbers ;)

  15. Sorry but I don't see where the so many extra steps are. To upload an image from your computer and insert it to a post, you click the Add Media tool of the post editor, as before, you click to select from your computer or drag and drop from your desktop, as before, once it's uploaded you select alignment, size and link options, as before, and you click "Insert into Post", as before.

  16. All very confusing.. I thought it simply gave you more options.. I was blogging at the time of the change, and to get the 'older' media box up you just have to double click the image once inserted.

    I quite like the flexibility of more choice in how you work with the image, and the cropping more exact also!

    Thanks wordpress!! :)

  17. justpi... you're totally missing the point. the crop function used to be available in the upload box as you placed it on the post, now you have to upload it to media library, crop it there (NOT resize it, crop it, there's a difference!) and save it. Then you go to the post and select the media, size of image etc.

    Previously, I could decide what I wanted to insert as I went, now I either have to decide which images are being placed before, or go back and forth between two tabs while I am posting.

    There also seems to be an issue with resizing images "in post" ie when you post an image and reduce it within the post, as it stays at orginal size when you post, despite looking reduced on the preview screen.

    Of course, as no one from WP seems willing to answer/fix/acknowledge that there is an issue then I doubt it's going to change.

    I get that change happens, but seriously.. when it makes the users life more difficult then I don't see the point... the users make wordpress what it is ...


  18. @twelveby12:
    a) Sorry for the confusion: I didn't reply to you, I replied to kathrinjapan and jeanofalltrades, who said that they couldn't add images to their posts and that the way the found takes many more steps.
    b) I don't recall what you're saying about the crop function (the support docs have always said that for cropping you go to Media Library). But maybe I'm wrong, as I've never relied on WP for image surgery.

  19. ah sorry, my fault. yeah, there was a neat wee quick crop button (as there still is in the media library) on the image upload screen prior to this upgrade. the new roundabout way is a nightmare to use when you put multiple images in posts. im working round it, but it now takes twice as long to post than before, which is not handy. argh!

  20. One thing I can say is that the new system is only a few days old, and it's still a work in progress (simple example: the "Insert Slideshow" tab is missing at the moment, but staff said it'll be back after they revamp the whole slideshow feature). So I'd generally suggest some patience: in this case (unlike some other cases) it's not true that staff don't listen and don't bother to reply; they do - and they thank people for bringing problems to WP's attention.

  21. I hope it still is a work in progress and that they change certain features back, but when no one responds to your queries, this is one of two I have asked lately it doesn't fill you with confidence. I am still a customer of this company, and its not too much to expect someone to reply


  22. roughseasinthemed

    Actually, it is not a work in progress that will bring back features. Previous links have already said that it is a test on to roll out ofn

    Adding slideshow is a totally irrelevant issue. All you need to do is add the [ slideshow ] command.

    Staff do listen, they do reply and presumably their hands are tied.

    Either way, it is still ten steps backwards. What would be interesting to hear is what happy engineers have tried to achieve with this 'improvement'. Not sillyspeak that we can all see through, what genuine changes have been made that make it easier to blog? Because I see absolutely nothing.

  23. Thank you kathrininjapan!!!! I have been trying to upload photos unsuccessfully since last night. That worked!!

  24. roughseasinthemed... well said!

  25. russelrayphotos

    Thanks also to kathrinjapan. I spent nine hours today trying to upload pictures to my blog. It's now very clunky and time-consuming, but as someone else said, at least I could do it. I'm certainly not looking forward to uploading multiple pictures with this new clunky system.

  26. @roughseasinthemed:
    "Actually, it is not a work in progress that will bring back features."
    How do you know that?
    "Previous links have already said that it is a test on to roll out ofn"
    So what? That's how everything works here: as the founder of WP himself has said, we users are all beta testers.
    "Adding slideshow is a totally irrelevant issue."
    Really? I didn't say anything about adding a slideshow, I mentioned the "Insert Slideshow" tab as an example of a convenient button that was there, went missing, and will be brought back.
    "All you need to do is add the [ slideshow ] command."
    I know shortcodes better than you. Why should your argument apply to the slideshow but not to the rest? According to your line of complaint you should be saying I could insert a slideshow right there on the uploader popup while now I've got to leave the uploader and type a shortcode: extra step, extra step!

  27. or we could not turn this into a "i know better than you so there" argument, and someone could actually help!


  28. @twelveby12: When you click "Member" under a member's username, you can see the list of threads this member has posted in. Check other threads to see that experienced volunteers like timethief or me do try to help. But when you complain about the cropping tool, what kind of help would you expect from us? When roughseasinthemed (arbitrarily) says this is "ten steps backwards", what help can we give?

  29. @justpi ...

    firstly, I have no idea who you are or what your "position" is, what I can say is that other than point me to that "great" post on the news section etc no one has actually offered ANY help. It is clear that this is a move which is VERY unpopular with users, and I (as a customer) have the right to indicate that I am unhappy with this. If no one says anything, then it's viewed as being fine, so I feel fully justified in commenting. Honestly, I am sure you and TT do a great job in responding, but it doesn't help me, or any of the other users having this problem.

    I agree ten steps back is a bit OTT, but the point is valid... the removal of the cropping tool is unnecessary and has reduced ease of use of this site. Until someone from WP actually comments, and indicates why it's been removed, and if there is any chance of certain tools being reinstated, this problem will continue.

    I am all for improvements etc, but you cannot seriously tell me you believe that having to go through the media library every time you want to crop an uploading image is actually easier then there is nothing I can say. IMHO this IS a step backwards, and while YOU may not be able to help, someone can. Point of note is that this thread only kicked off when others commented, until then...

    To clarify, I REFUSE to believe it is that difficult to have a crop/rotate function as before within the new set up, at the push of one button.


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