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The New Look has turned the type of all my old posts RED!

  1. How do I change back the main text of all my older posts, to black, as it was?

  2. I see one line of red text on the most recent post. I went back three pages. That line in the latest post is defined in the HTML as red. Edit the post, switch to HTML view and take the following out from in front of the text:

    <span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);"> and then take the </span> out after it.

  3. I'm not seeing red on any of your old posts. Which browser are you using?

  4. This is what happens when I open 10 tabs and don't get to them. :-)

  5. mt - can you remove that email address from the original post?

  6. Yep, removed.

  7. 10 tabs? Is that all?


  8. mt you seem to be the guy to talk to around here as the master of the key and since I find it unnecessary to just start a whole new thread. This question mark image appearing on my blog b/c of my use of the double space is annoying, I went to support and it was removed and then today the question marks appear again. besides thescaredpath's suggestion to use this "  " is there any permenant way to fix this. Now, this even occurs when I or someone who comments on my blog uses an apostrophe.
    Then I have to go to edit the post and manually remove the freakin' question mark images. The bad part about it is that this seems to only occur on the first few blog posts. Its absolutely killing me. This may be OCD of me, but can it be fixed...maybe just for little ol' me :)

  9. @aw1923
    I tried to reproduce this and couldn't.

    Which browser are you using? Are you using the Add New Post screen, QuickPress, or an external editor? Are you typing directly into the editor or doing a copy/paste from another application?

  10. I'm using firefox 3.0.4 and using either the Add New Post screen or QuickPress, it still does this. And I am typing directly into the editor.

  11. Bonjour
    S V P - je n'y comprends encore plus rien..... Vous changez encore le WORDPRESS?... ne pourriez-vous pas penser un peu aux francais... il suffirait de le dire en francais.... je ne peux plus encore rien faire, même pas aller sur le forum en francais ce qui aide pourtant et rassure de voir que l on n est pas seul a ne plus rien comprendre.. SVP envoyez moi un email pour me dire ce qui se passe et le temps que cela va durer encore-Merci

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  12. Sorry guys, didn't check back right away as this was my first time using Support.

    thesacredpath: "I see one line of red text on the most recent post. I went back three pages."

    kvond: Your advice caused me to look at the effects of a recent post I had made, in which I had pasted text from another source, and then formatted it RED. For some reason or other, it turned every post that had previously been posted beneath it, and pages thereon, RED in text. After editing the text, (cutting and pasting it again as plain text), the problem disappeared.

    My Browswer in Internet Explorer.

    Thanks for all your help.

  13. It sounds like the end tag for the color span was missing, which then applied the red color to everything below it.

  14. berlinsianipar

    I had an annoying thing, but not the same like that in the original post.

    Some months ago, my posts suddenly went wrong. They were formatted differently from a usual post. I wrote in forum about this, but I got the answer before somebody gave me one.

    It was because I made a Read More tag, after that I selected text under that tag, accidentally included the Read More tag selected and then I formatted it as Bold. When I went to my blog, suddenly all of my previous post before that post had been wrong formatted, Bold as the one I formatted under the Read More tag.

    I think in my problem th problem lies in the Read More tag. When we accidentally include the Read More tag when formatting a part of the post, the other posts before that post are annoyingly effected. I don't know if this can help, but if not I think WP still has to fix this. Thanks.

    *Sorry for my bad English*

  15. And by the way, if the problem with your blog is not related, please start a new thread here →

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