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    It used to be on every page in my dashboard. Didn’t matter where I went, there was a nice little “new post” button there.

    Since the new dashboard upgrade thing, it’s gone. I miss it. Is there some setting I can change to get it back? I’ve looked everywhere, and I can’t find it.

    I’m going to be so bummed if it’s gone for good. I really like being able to switch from checking stats to posting with a single click.

    The blog I need help with is



    I think you just haven’t found this on your top gray navigation bar. Look for this on your Admin page on the gray navigation bar:
    My Account My Blogs Blog Info Subscribe Add New
    Hover over “Add New” and a drop down menu is there:



    No, I have that and can use that, but before the new upgrade, no matter where I was in any particular blog’s dashboard, there was a “new post” button. That meant that I wasn’t having to go into drop down boxes and things. It was a simple click. That is what I miss. I know how to navigate the blog, but I miss that particular feature and want to know if there’s a setting to get it back or if it is no longer available.



    I’m sorry but there is no setting we can use for this or to roll-back any Dashboard changes.



    I was afraid of that. Well, this is my official request for it to be added back into any future changes!




    Okay but just so know know this is a peer support forum and we Volunteers answering questions are your fellow bloggers. We don’t make decisions. Only Staff do. I hope you have a fine weekend. :)


    It won’t show up here in the forums or on other main wordpress pages and not in your dashboard, but if you a blog here, then there is an “add new” tab in the grey admin bar where you can add a page, a post, media, a link, or a user from the pulldown.


    D’oh. Should have read the entire thread, Timethief covered that.

    Just ignore me.


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