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The new Rubric theme

  1. This one rules. Clear and neat, very nice.
    I think I'm going to change theme once a week: Contempt, WordPress default, Rubric

    Diversity is life.

    Kudos to the authors

  2. victoriacarolina

    Yes, Rubric has always (since 1.2 I think!) been a truly great theme.

    I really like the layout, but it's too "white" for me.

  3. Beautiful. At first I wanted to pick Day Dream because of the one-column format and the serif typeface. However, Day Dream's "leading", i.e., the whitespace between every line of text, is much too tight. That puts undue eyestrain on the reader.

    Rubric's moderate leading and uncluttered layout, on the other hand, are just what the doctor ordered!

  4. thistimethisspace

    Hi there,
    Do you have a support question?

  5. I too like and have switched to the Rubrick theme on one of my blogs. But I have one question please? Is it also designed to accommodate a long header photo instead of just replacing the small pencil photo? I ask this because there seems to be excess space between the blog title and the first post displayed.

    Thanks in advance for any clarification.

    the header size for rubric is 215 * 150 pixels, so i don't think you can put a long header photo. with css upgrade it might be possible but i'm not sure.

  7. ok - thanks for helping out.

  8. okay, hope it helped.

  9. why doesn't it show a tagline? It seems like it should, but it doesn't.

  10. There are no "shoulds". does not have designers on staff making generic themes that all function the same way and have the same features. All the themes used here are created by independent designers who chose which features to include in their designs.

  11. That being said if you feel you cannot live without a tagline on the blog, and you have css editing skills and you are willing to pay for a css upgrade then you can insert one.
    HTH :)

  12. There is also a workaround for putting a tagline in a widget and placing it at the top of your sidebar that works only on some themes. You will find it in this thread

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