The new theme Manifest was copied from Tumblr.

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    I dont have to give more detail other than to say that this theme is not original work. It really pisses me off to see WordPress lowering itself to the standards of Tumblr. Don’t believe that this theme was copied? Check it out first then open this in a new window. It isn’t even my blog and I noticed that it was a rip-off from Tumblr.

    WordPress, You need to monitor your people better. This is just pathetic.
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    Actually, I think it’s the other way around.

    Manifest, a WordPress theme designed by Jim Barraud, was announced in March of 2009 by the author, and released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. We’ve adapted it to and given the author proper credit for the design, both on the announcement post and on the theme showcase.

    Minimalist, on the other hand, (and although further details are unavailable) seems to have existed only since August of 2010, judging by the theme’s author first Tumblr post. If this is the case, no credit is given to Jim Barraud, that I can see.

    While we are on this subject, you might want to check similar situations for the Beach, Vertigo, and particularly Garland themes.



    hmm… well alright then. Just seemed a little out of the ordinary. I didn’t know that a theme could be shared across multiple platforms. I just jumped to the conclusion that since I saw it first on Tumblr and WordPresss is just now displaying it that the content was not new.

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