The new topics reader is a UX disaster. Please, won't you make it go away?

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    It was not broken. Why did you fix it?

    The user experience of the full page topic layout was great:

    1. I could scan at a glance a large number of like minded blogs

    2. There was an editorial chosen blog stickied at the top

    3. Many blogs stayed visible on the page for a few hours, because thumbnails were arranged in a grid

    This is a great user experience for both bloggers and readers (and some of us were both). It was a great resource to find material and link to material.

    The user experience of the new topics reader is abominable:

    1. You cannot scan a large number of blogs at a glance. You have to keep swiping down. This MIGHT be OK on a pad, but on a desktop machine it is very cumbersome.

    2. In fact, you can only scan easily the one or two posts that are momentarily visible at the top. And because there there no thumbs, one or two posts is all you see on the screen. So not only is the swiping experience cumbersome to begin with, you force me to do a lot more of than I should!

    3. The old topics layout changed, but not instantly. So if I didn’t link to or read a post right away, I could remember where it was (by position and thumb) and return to it. There’s no way to do that with the new reader, except by swiping ever downward (and who knows for how long, since there’s no pager).

    4. There are no longer any editorially chosen stickied posts. That’s fine, but it also gives the impression that the posts are justed dumped into the reader as an afterthought, and WP doesn’t actually care to read and evaluate the content its writers produce. Is that the impression you wish to convey?

    Everything about the new topics reader is bad. I get the impression it was created for a pad, and then simply ported to the desktop. Has nobody heard of the @media attribute? If you must have this reader for the pads, swap it in on the pads, and don’t destroy an excellent UX on the desktop. However, even on a pad the reader experience is awful — for all the reasons listed above. Why are you forcing me into an endless loop of swipe, swipe, swipe where I used to be able to take in everything in a single glance?

    NOTE Apparently there’s another URL the topics page can be accessed from. That’s not an answer. The old topics page should be the default, for reasons stated. The old topics page also got me more hits. Not a lot, but more.

    The blog I need help with is



    There are existing threads on this issue. Please read what Staff have said here



    Yes, I did my due diligence and saw that. Unfortunately, comments are closed. Way to go.



    Adding, that thread is not only closed, and marked “resolved,” the WP responses, to my eye, translate to “Get over it.”

    Not helpful (especially when the UX stuff I’m adding here is a value add, and not a dupe).



    And, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that addresses anyone’s concerns. Does’t really matter what thread you read. WP is not interested. And this from someone who came over from blogger a few months ago.



    And this from somebody who actually paid money for a tool that used to work, and then changed without any explanation. Not happy!



    This is simply another device to artificially inflate the number of ‘page views’ Automattic can report to their advertisers. They don’t want you to be able to see multiple blogs at a glance, they want you to keep scrolling… and scrolling… and scrolling.. because every 7 or so posts you scroll down counts as a separate page impression.

    So that’s why they’re forcing you to ‘swipe, swipe, swipe.’ It’s about profit. The quality of your user experience is basically irrelevant to them at this point.


    Follow the money.

    +1 @wank.



    +1 @wank



    “. because every 7 or so posts you scroll down counts as a separate page impression. “

    The problem with that is, I’m not even going to bother with it because it is so idiotic – so they get NO page views from me. I am extremely upset at this change (done without anyones knowledge or warning, BTW) because my blog views are down tremendously since the inception. I don’t even feel like posting anymore. Plus I can’t discover any blogs that interest me either. I want to revolt!


    AutoMATTic do not have to tell us anything. They can do anything they want. It is their sandbox.



    @wank Sounds like your comment is the “main thread” on this issue then?



    Same for me, with two different blogs… And my moms 5 blogs…

    We have almost no visitors now since our posts are unseen on the reader

    8::::::::::: (



    I have been reading everyone’s posts about this topic. I have finally decided to say something as well. My blog is fairly new and now I get very little traffic. I have tried out other platforms, but have come back to WP because of the format and access to a great community. I am sure the community still exists but I can’t even find them anymore. I have given up searching because it takes too long to scroll and I can’t even find anything I am interested in. I also haven’t posted as much as I did before, because nobody even sees it before it disappears into the pile.

    I just paid my yearly rate (by accident because I forgot to cancel it!)for another blog platform and I am now seriously considering switching over.

    Too bad WP, I really like it here…it’s just become a lesson in frustration.


    I tried to look up your blog – thelinensash – and it is no longer available. Have you really deleted? :(


    This is the result of clicking your username in an attempt to locate the blog you are referring to. When you post into the active thread Staff are monitoring on this issue please provide an active link starting with http:// for Staff. The main thread for issues with the Topics page and the Reader is here > As Staff are monitoring that thread and you can post into it I’ll flag this one for closure.

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